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  • March Maker News - MakeICT brought a wind tunnel to this year’s SWE Engineering Expo to let kids test their own paper airplanes or other objects and learn about lift. Special thanks to our wind tunnel builders lead by Barb Davis and Mike Hutton, and to Jim Hammer, Tom McGuire, and Jace Francis for staffing our booth all day! […]
  • February 2018 Newsletter - Our laser cutter has made some pretty fly designs Laser Cutter Fundraising Members, We are preparing to purchase a second laser cutter. We are specing a more powerful 90-100W laser with a larger bed size 51” x 35” (1300mmx900mm). This will allow us to cut 48” sheets of material easier. The projected cost estimate will […]
  • MakeICT January News: Kansas Day, David Springs, LED Trees, Budget Overview - Are you a fan of our metalshop? Thank Paul and Jeremiah for the ventilation improvements! Next safety class is January 31. MakeICT January News Dear members: This month your leadership was very focused on approving the 2018 budget. As a new president this was an eye-opening experience and I wanted to pass on some of […]
  • December Newsletter - Hello Makers! I wanted to send you this photo of our makerspace, with its new sign, on a beautiful winter day. If you think the outside of our space is amazing, check out what’s be going on with the inside of our space: December Member Meeting December 18 We are going to have an awesome […]
  • November Updates for Members - This email was sent to members only November 5, 2017 2018 Area Lead & Assistant Signup What is your favorite area of the makerspace? Are you passionate about its tools, potential, safety, and getting new people in to use it? If so I strongly encourage you to sign up as an area lead or assistant […]
  • October Newsletter - Can you, right now, invite at least ten facebook friends to our Annual Benefit MakeICT Art Auction this Friday from 6-10PM? The items are set out and look amazing! Furniture, sculptures, wall art, gifts, lamps, metalwork and more – the diversity of talent displayed for this event is so impressive we can’t wait for Wichita to see […]

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