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  • December Newsletter - Hello Makers! I wanted to send you this photo of our makerspace, with its new sign, on a beautiful winter day. If you think the outside of our space is amazing, check out what’s be going on with the inside of our space: December Member Meeting December 18 We are going to have an awesome […]
  • November Updates for Members - This email was sent to members only November 5, 2017 2018 Area Lead & Assistant Signup What is your favorite area of the makerspace? Are you passionate about its tools, potential, safety, and getting new people in to use it? If so I strongly encourage you to sign up as an area lead or assistant […]
  • October Newsletter - Can you, right now, invite at least ten facebook friends to our Annual Benefit MakeICT Art Auction this Friday from 6-10PM? The items are set out and look amazing! Furniture, sculptures, wall art, gifts, lamps, metalwork and more – the diversity of talent displayed for this event is so impressive we can’t wait for Wichita to see […]
  • September Updates From The President - Welcome to September! This email has more volunteer sign up forms than any email ever, so if you’re a new member wondering how you can get to know people at MakeICT, pick a thing! Maybe you joined MakeICT to make your own stuff – I know I did. But I quickly learned that I am […]
  • July Update: Mostly MakerFaire, also everything else - Greetings members! It is time to be paying lots of attention to MakerFaire. MakerFaire Call For Makers Friday July 7 is the deadline for groups or individuals interested in presenting their project, activity, or performance in this event. Fill out this application: MakerFaire Call For Volunteers Volunteers are needed for Wichita’s annual Maker Faire […]
  • February Update - Here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to and what’s coming up! Volunteer opportunities Newsletter: We’re looking for a newsletter composer and contributors! These monthly updates reach a wide audience of our members, supporters, and other subscribers. If you’re looking for a way to help out and this interests you, let us know! Ceramics […]

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