2016 Annual Meeting

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  • Date: 2016 June 13
  • Time: 05:30pm

Activity report

  • Active members: 186 (+68%)
  • Classes/workshops:
    • Total of 41 workshops held
    • 3 workshops were hosted on more than one occasion
  • New collaborative partnerships
    • Women Who Code Wichita
    • Society for Creative Anachronism / Barony of Vatavia
    • Tilt Union
    • Harvester Arts

Financial report


  • New logo launch
  • 3 new collaborative partnerships
  • Wins for Kansas award winner
  • Online facilities
    • Woodshop
    • Electronics
    • Metalshop
    • Ceramics
    • Print studio
  • New BD's
    • Christian Kindel, Fab Lab
    • Susan de Wit, Ceramics Studio
    • Jeremiah Loder, Metalshop
  • New assistant makerspace director: Logan Pajunen
  • New teams
    • Green Team
    • Onboarding
    • Gamification
  • Immensely successful events
    • 2015 Maker Faire
    • 2015 Game Jam
    • 2016 RiverFest Hackathon
    • 2016 Kansas Linux Fest
    • Biweekly Level Up! events

Contributors of the year

  • Logan Pajunen for his energy and the explosion of productivity he has brought to the makerspace facilities
  • Mike Barushok for never turning down an opportunity to help with a project and being diligent in finding ways to contribute without being asked
  • Paul Wilson for his diligent assistance in shaping the areas in the back of the makerspace
  • Christian Kindel for helping everybody who asks for it and the knowledge and handiness he's brought to the makerspace
  • Cindy Conrad for stepping up to jobs that most others pass up.

Matters for discussion and voting

Program adoption

  1. Maker Outreach
    • Why: Our outreach activities are numerous and give us a direct method for applying our mission and recruitment efforts. Formalizing a program around those activities will allow us to create a clear delineation of responsibilities, while also helping to set a budget and fundraising goals specifically for these efforts and aid in the recruitment of volunteers. A portion of donations/grants can go to the MakeICT umbrella organization.
    • Potential objective statement: We generate an appreciation for creating and advance the maker culture through hands-on activities and presentations in public spaces.
    • What fits:
      • Our presence at fairs, craft shows, and other tabling opportunities.
      • Other invitations to present MakeICT and its programs to groups
    • What doesn't fit:
      • Activity requests for specific or private groups, regardless of location
  2. Maker Academy
    • Why: Providing learning opportunities is at the core of our nonprofit, but it's also currently a huge missed-revenue opportunity. Creating a formal program which is separate from the MakeICT Makerspace program will help focus these efforts so that we can ensure that we provide our community with high quality learning opportunities and begin to develop partnerships with other organizations that are constantly seeking such opportunities.
    • Potential objective statement: We provide opportunities for expanding the knowledge of individuals and communities through teaching and learning.
    • What fits:
      • Alternative 1: All instructor-led classes (where an instructor fee is charged) at the makerspace or at a remote site, both public and private
      • Alternative 2: Only private classes held at the makerspace or at a remote site
      • @DECISION: Use Alternative 1
    • What doesn't fit:
      • Free-for-members workshops at the makerspace (these will continue to be part of the makerspace program)
      • Group sessions to provide equipment/space authorizations to makerspace members (these will continue to be part of the makerspace program)
      • Outreach activities
  3. Open Wichita
    • Why: Open Wichita was borne of devICT leaders and volunteers, Code for America, the open data movement, and increasing civic engagement. These efforts have spawned numerous activities and projects that serve the public good, rather than private interests. The administrative energy required to keep up with community volunteers' desire to do good is becoming increasingly difficult to manage for devICT leadership.
    • Potential objective statement: We improve the Wichita community using creative technological solutions and grassroots volunteer efforts.
  4. Kansas Linux Fest
    • Why: MakeICT served as the fiscal agent for the 2016 KLF - the 2nd annual conference to promote open source software in our state. Organized and ran by leadership from MakeICT, WuLUG, and devICT, KLF 2016 brought in speakers and attendees from both in and out of state. The Midwest thirsts for more tech conferences, and Wichita is especially in need of hosting more regional events that serve this community and relevant industries.
    • Potential objective statement: We promote education and the adoption of Linux and Free and Open Source software.
    • 5% of donations/grants from the 2016 KLF ($183.95) will come to the MakeICT umbrella organization

  • @DECISION: All program adoption proposals listed above were voted on via SurveyMonkey and have been approved.

Bylaw change proposals

  1. Change board voting to general board, rather than specific positions (Article V, Section 3)
    • Individuals with the most votes are elected on the board
    • Individuals in the newly elected board meet and decide among themselves for specific officer and at-large positions.
  2. Increase at-large director positions from 2 to 4 (Article V, Section 1)
    • Growth of the makerspace and organization as a whole should needs adequate leadership to support it
    • A larger board of directors can help distribute workload/responsibilities
    • A larger board will better represent our members' increasingly diverse interests and backgrounds
  3. Add a new board position for "Past President" (Article IV or Article V, Section 1)
    • Most recent available board president automatically assumes this role upon election of a new president
    • This type of position is common to provide continuity and capture as much of the experience and relationships generated by the past president
    • Should have a vote on the board? If so, is that incompatible with term limits (Article V, Section 1)?
    • What specific responsibilities will be held by the Past President?
    • Director emeritus?
  4. Presently, program directors are appointed by the board of directors and have a vote on the board
    • Does this present a potential conflict (wherein a portion of the decision-making body is not directly elected by members)?
    • Should program directors be elected instead?
    • Should program directors not be given voting rights on the board?

  • An amendment to Article VII was proposed during the meeting
    • The proposed amendment would change the three-fourths requirement to change the Bylaws to a two-thirds requirement

  • Voting options sent out via SurveyMonkey were decided based on discussion at the meeting.
  • Options given:
    • Amendment to Article VII
      • Option 1: Require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the quorum to change the Bylaws
        • Would take effect immediately
      • Option 2: No Change; Continue to require a three-fourths affirmative vote to change the Bylaws
    • Amendment to Article V, Section 1
      • Option 1: Add 2 at-large directors, add past-president, and remove program directors to/from the Board of Directors
        • Would take effect immediately
      • Option 2: No Change
    • Amendment to Article V, Section 3
      • Option 1: Candidates are elected to the general board, which then decides its own roles
        • Would not take effect until next year's election
      • Option 2: No Change

  • Bolded options indicate the option that was elected.

Election of the board

  • President:
    • Logan Pajunen
  • Vice-president:
    • John Alexander
    • Logan Pajunen
  • Treasurer:
    • Tracy Hoover
    • Weston Vice
  • Secretary:
    • Kip Landwehr
  • Directors at large:
    • Barb Davis
    • Christian Kindel
    • Curt Gridley
    • Dean Day
    • David Springs
    • James Lancaster
    • Logan Pajunen
    • Matt Pogue
    • Mike Barushok
    • Mike Hutton
    • Todd Grant
  • Immediate Past President:
    • Dominic Canare

  • Bolded names indicate the candidates that were voted into office via SurveyMonkey poll, or took office by running unopposed.