Authorization and Area Leads

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Official Policy Recommendation

  • In functional areas requiring an authorization, a no-cost route to authorization of tools or equipment must be provided. Fee-based courses are explicitly allowed if a no-cost method of authorization is provided.
  • Area Leads should find, name, and document publicly enough Deputy leads that at least 2 people are able to teach necessary authorization and safety courses. Other duties may be delegated except for liaising with the Board and budget submittals.
  • Required area orientation and safety courses must be offered at intervals of 30 days or more frequently and at least one such course shall always be on the public calendar, at all times.
  • Non-authorized Members are allowed to use tools under the direct supervision of an authorized Member for purposes of learning and instruction.
  • Failure to abide by these policies may result in removal from area lead position.

Area Lead Guidelines Suggestions

  • Offer Area Orientation courses that provide general shop safety but authorize few or no tools. The course should be 90 minutes or less and should be on the calendar at least 2 times a per month. Train enough Deputies to offer this course to keep Area Lead workload low. Allow members to take the course individually if needed by the individual. Since this course is required for entry to a given functional area, it is offered at no charge.
  • Follow the same template as the Area Orientation for specific Tool Authorization courses. These may be for a fee if there is an alternate path to authorization. These courses should be 2 hours or less.
  • Courses are requested to be offered at least every two weeks instead of once monthly.

Guidelines for Board of Directors to follow when selecting Area Leads

  • Whenever possible, Members of the Board of Directors should not apply for Area Lead positions.
  • Area Leads are not to be compensated monetarily or with subsidized memberships for their service. That is not to say scholarships are not available, but they are not dependent on services rendered.

Approved by the board on February 20, 2017