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MakeICT's classroom is a 750 sq ft area for workshops/classes, events, and shared workspace. It will provide a modern learning environment with all the tools needed by an instructor or student for teaching or learning.


There are a few improvements planned for the classroom:

  • Hallway wall - to keep the classroom isolated during classes.
  • Carpet, drop ceiling, and west wall - to make the classroom modern and clean
  • A/V system - so that it is plug'n'play for instructors no matter what equipment they have or use.
  • PC Lab - Midrange workstations good for graphics and computation more than the laptops can handle

The first two items are happening right now, so there may be some construction going on at various times. We will attempt to keep out of the way and work around classes, but we apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Access Policy


The classroom is reserved for workshops and classes according to the calendar. It can also be reserved by members following this policy:

A keyed-member in good standing may host a private meeting/event at the MakeICT makerspace as long as they are not charging a fee. If any rooms or resources are to be held or if the number of non-member guests exceeds the Guest Policy allowance, a reservation must be submitted and approved 14 days in advanced. The host member is responsible/liable for activities of their guests, and all guests must follow official guest policies. There is no fee for this resource to our members, but a donation is suggested to offset facility costs.

Email to reserve the classroom for private meetings/events.

During times when it hasn't been reserved, it shall be considered a shared workspace.


Members using the laptops agree to return them to the proper shelf and plug them in when finished, and keep them out of dirty and dusty areas such as the metal shop, wood shop, and ceramics room. The laptops are not to be removed from the Makerspace. To protect your personal information, it is strongly recommended to only access the internet from an Incognito window, and properly log out of all websites when finished browsing.

Software Installed

Software Linux Windows
Bitmap to Component Converter
PCB Calculator
Laser Cutter
Fusion 360
Visual Studio

Equipment List