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Details: Some items listed here are no longer wanted

Giving Programs

Program Description How To Sign Up
Amazon Smile Amazon will donate 0.5% of any purchase made through to MakeICT. This comes at no cost to you, so if you shop on amazon at all, you could be giving MakeICT free money.

More info here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

On your first visit to, you can select MakeICT as your charity to donate to. This selection will be remembered for future purchases.
Only purchases made on will count.  Here are a couple of browser extensions that will automatically redirect you so that you never forget:
Chrome -
Firefox -
Dillons Community Rewards Register your Dillons card online using MakeICT's name, and Dillon's will donate a percentage of its Community Rewards money to the makerspace, based on overall participation in the program. Like Amazon Smile, this is at no cost to you, so why not sign up right now?

More info here:

Register your Shopper Card online at, using the organization name MakeICT.

Equipment Donations

The following are donations we are looking for. MakeICT is a 501c3, nonprofit, charitable organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. If you'd like to make a donation, please contact someone from our leadership team!

Item Qty Details Comments Sponsor/donor
Surge protectors 9 For classroom Unclaimed
Good UPS 1 APC BE550G Back-UPS or comparable For Server/networking hardware Unclaimed
Small UPS 2 APC BGE70 Back-UPS or comparable For NFC Door lock systems Unclaimed
Water Jet Cutter 1 Because why not? Beggars can't be choosers Unclaimed
Power Hammer 1 Air or electric Superior forging capabilities Unclaimed
Fly or Hydraulic Press 1 20 ton or greater Pressing, stamping, forging, punching Unclaimed
Induction Furnace 1 110 or 220V Forging, heat treating, small scale metal melting Unclaimed
Coal Forge 1 w/ blower General blacksmithing Unclaimed
Post or Leg Vise 1 Vintage is okay General blacksmithing Unclaimed
Blacksmithing Tools Any Tongs, hardy tools, fullers, swages General blacksmithing Unclaimed
Files Any Surplus or used are okay Hand tools are handy! Unclaimed
Foundry Equipment Any Furnace, crucibles, tongs, ladles, safety gear We'd love to be able offer metal casting! Unclaimed
Casting Equipment Any Sand or investment Casting sand, flasks, investment, mold release, wax Unclaimed
Sheet Metal Equipment Any English wheel, planishing hammer, doming blocks/dies, Expand our sheet metal forming capabilities Unclaimed
Embroidery machine Any Expand our textiles capabilities Unclaimed