November 20 2017

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Roll Call

  • Board Members
    • President - Kim Burton
    • Vice President - James Lancaster
    • Treasurer - David Springs
    • Secretary - Rustin Atkeisson
    • At Large Director - LaDeana Dockery
    • At Large Director - Kip Landwehr
    • At Large Director - Malissa Long
    • At Large Director - Kez Cook
    • Immediate Past President - Logan Pajunen
  • Members

Standing Items

  • Approve previous minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Finance Committee Report

Program Reports

  • Makerspace
    • Area leads to be determined December 4
    • ERP lab ceiling update ($700 budget approved last month)
    • Ping pong table
    • Foosball table

Programs without reports

  • DevICT
  • Maker Academy/Outreach
  • Kansas Linux Fest (May)
    • In May

Committee Reports

Kim updated Contact Information with all committee leads. Committee signup is at

Committees With Reports

  • Scholarships (Kim)
    • Met with Tracy Hoover.
    • There will be a $6300 recommended budget next year for Scholarships with intentional publicity of the application.
  • Membership and Events (LaDeana)
    • Science Hack Day February 17-18
    • General Meeting December 14
    • Membership report
  • IT
    • Needs a lead. Kim emailed the existing committee members.
    • Discourse transition plan in work
  • Security (Matt P)
    • Camera system update ($700 approved last meeting)

Committees Without Reports

  • Facilities/Building (Lewis)
  • Outreach (Barb)
  • Finance (David)
  • Makerfaire (James S)
  • Fundraising/Donor recognition (Paul M)
  • Communications (James L)
  • Strategic Vision (Malissa)
  • IT (Paul H)
  • Special Projects (Kip)

New Business

  • December 14th Regular Meeting
    • Potluck
    • Gift Exchange
    • Safety standdown
  • Strategic planning resources
    • January meeting is the goal. Join area lead + board?
  • NOMCON tickets
    • NOMCON June 9-10 Santa Fe Ne Mexico
  • Lake Afton Public Observatory
    • James Lancaster to write up a proposal
      • Unofficially, this is the outline, but I haven't seen their director recently to confirm it:
        • MakeICT:
          • Help with displays, using Shopbot and electronics.
          • Possibly help with dome (Ideally that's under way)
          • Print yearly passes (Current ones are paper, and we have a card printer.)
        • LAPO:
          • Open for MakeICT members periodically
        • Both:
          • Classes that can be co-branded, and held at some locations
            • Telescope operation classes
            • Astrophotography classes
            • Telescope making workshop
          • Publicize events related to Astronomy and LAPO and MakeICT
            • Example: Jan 30th there is a lunar eclipse.
  • Spirit partnership
    • Mike H is meeting with them to learn more about the surplus process
  • Artist studios
    • Are they doing their job, in showing makers making art?
    • Seem to be used only for storage in direct contraindication from the rental agreement
    • Using significant space for only individual members
      • Is that the best use of the space?
      • Other items that could go there: UV printer, Laser cutter.
  • Gift cards
  • IT Group
    • Formalize as policy the practice, similar to security, namely:
      • IT group members are authorized to restrict any access to any MakeICT electronic/computer resources at their discretion. If this is done, the board will be notified. If you feel this is in error, you may email with a request for review, or contact the MakeICT board of directors at
    • Question about new members, does the board also want to approve nominees as well as the IT group itself? (The access means that people should be trusted at least as much as security, and have technical ability to make sure they don't screw something up.)
  • Area Lead groupings
    • Do we want a facilities lead, or having it broken into individual areas?
    • Do we want to have a CNC lead or have those be under the areas? (likely as assistant leads)
    • Any others?
  • Area re-arrangements
    • Often discussed is moving consignment together with the gallery.
    • Others include the above studios.
  • Budget process clarification
    • Budget approved should be operations primarily, or include capital purchases (not that we can get much more in the space...)

Decision Summary

    Task Summary