Policy writing best practices

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Anyone can write up or propose a change to a MakeICT policy.

When in doubt, changing a policy is always better than a new policy. Review Category:Rules and policies to see if we can update or add to an existing process.

State what problem you are trying to solve. Policies should be written to eliminate repetitive "what should we do about (insert situation here)" discussions. Sometimes there are easier ways to solve a problem. For example if there's an issue with one person, talk to that one person.

Recommended steps:

  1. Tell the admin list that you'd like to change the policy, get some initial feedback
  2. Copy existing policy from the wiki page into a google doc.
  3. Save the google doc to the Policy Drafts folder.
  4. At the beginning, add this helpful info so we all have an "executive summary" of the change.
    1. Reason for changing
    2. What's changing
    3. What's not changing
    4. What's unsaid
  5. Set security so anyone with the link can view, admin list can comment, only you can edit.
  6. Set the editing mode to "suggestions" so google will track the changes you make
  7. Change as necessary
  8. Let the admin list know it's available for comment
  9. Address or incorporate comments as necessary
  10. Ask that the policy be added to the next board meeting agenda. Save your proposal in the board meeting folder if necessary. This is nice because if more changes come up at the meeting, we'll have a record of what was proposed.
  11. Attend the board meeting to address questions, if possible
  12. If your policy is approved, the secretary will make the necessary changes to this wiki
  13. Pat yourself on the back for helping MakeICT with clear, concise policies!