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About this page

This page lists available tools and equipment from each area of the makerspace. For specific details about each area, click on the section headers.

Dedicated areas

Electronics and Rapid Prototyping

Picture What Manufacturer Model Power Status Expert
Soldering Iron.jpg Soldering iron Various Various 110 Working James Seymour
RD500 II photo.jpg Rework System Den-on Instruments RD-500S II 110 Not yet James Seymour
TEK1240.jpg Logic Analyzer Tektronix 1240 110 Working James Seymour
TEK492P.jpg Oscilliscope Tektronix 492P 110 Working James Seymour
TEK465B.jpg Oscilloscope Tektronix 465B 110 Working James Seymour
Fluke 867.jpg Graphical Multimeter Fluke 867 9V Working James Seymour
Fluke 117.jpg True RMS Non-contact Multimeter Fluke 117 9V Working James Seymour
Fluke 80K-40.jpg High Voltage Probe Fluke 80K-40 NA Working James Seymour
Fluke 80i-1010.jpg Clamp on DC/AC Current Probe]] Fluke 80i-1010 1-1000 Adc, 1-600Aac (1 mV/A) Working James Seymour
QS-5100.jpg Lead Free Reflow Oven Qinsi Technology QS-5100 110 Working James Seymour
Arksen992D.jpg Soldering Station with Heat Gun Arksen 992D 110 Working James Seymour
Board Goblin.jpg Board Goblin-Circuit Board Mill Tom McGuire 47158 110 Working Tom McGuire
Fireball v90.jpg CNC Mill Probotix Fireball V90 110 Not Working Tom McGuire
Sherline 5400 Mill.jpg CNC Mill Sherline Sherline CNC Mill 110 Working James Lancaster Christian Kindel
CSI Speco PSV5.jpg Variable power supply SPECO PSV-5 110 Under Repair SPECO PSV-5 repair log James Seymour
UDB100X.jpg 5Mhz Tone Generator MingHe UDB1005S 110 In-Work Mike Barushok
DOA-P701-AA.jpg Vacuum Pump Gast DOA-P701-AA 110 Working James Seymour


Picture What Manufacturer Model Status Resources
Rostock Max V2.jpeg 3D Printer SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V2 Operational

MakeICT resources

Ultimaker II.jpeg 3D Printer Ultimaker Ultimaker 2 Operational

MakeICT resources

External resources

Foam-Cutter.jpg Foam Cutter Tom McGuire Foam Cutting Machine Operational
Xbox-kinect.jpg Kinect Scanner Microsoft Kinect Operational
Turntable for Kinect James Lancaster Turntable Operational
Graphtec fc2200.gif Graphtec Plotter/Vinyl Cutter Graphtec Graphtec_FC2200-90/EX Setting up
Laser cutter.jpg Laser Cutter Rabbit Laser QX1290 Operational

MakeICT resources

External resources

Laser cutter.jpg Laser Cutter Rabbit Laser QX1290 Operational

MakeICT resources

External resources

External resources

Reprap Mendel Prusa.jpg 3D Printer James Lancaster RepRap Prusa Mendel Questionable

MakeICT resources

External resources

Metal Shop

Picture What Manufacturer Model Status Expert Authorizers How To
Tormach PCNC 1100 Series3.jpg 4 Axis 34" x 9.5" Tormach CNC Mill Tormach PCNC 1100 Working Curt Gridley Curt Gridley
Jason Bailey
Cnc plasma table.jpg 3 Axis 48" x 48" CNCPlasmasCutter MakeICT N/A Working Curt Gridley
Anatomy of Logan Lathe.png 12"x 35" Metal Gear Head Lathe Logan-Powermatic 2557TH Working Joe Groom
Joe Groom
How To Video
Craftsman lathe.jpg 12" Metal Lathe Craftsman 101.28990 Working Joe Groom
Joe Groom
Mill drill.jpg 8"x29" Manual Mill Enco GL-30B Working manual
Miller211.jpg MIG Autoset Welder Miller Millermatic 211 Autoset Working manual
HotMax123.jpg MIG Welder Hot Max 135WFG 135 Amp Working
Hypertherm 65.jpg CNC Plasma Table Cutter Hypertherm Powermax 65 Working manual
Hypertherm30XP.jpg Plasma Cutter Hypertherm 30 XP Working manual
WELDING HELMET.jpg Welding Helmet Chicago Electric 91214 Working manual
Ingersoll Compressor.jpg 5HP 60 gal Compressor Ingersoll Rand SS5L5 Operational
Blast cabinet.jpg Abrasive Blast Cabinet Central Pneumatic 62144 Working manual
DWE402G.jpg 4-1/2” Paddle Angle Grinder DeWalt DWE402G Working manual
Tumbler.jpg 18 Lb Vibratory Tumbler Chicago Electric 96923 Working manual
SHEAR-BRAKE-ROLLER.jpg Combo Shear/Brake/Roller Central Machinery 5907 Working manual
BandsawG0561.jpg Horizontal Metal Cutting Band Saw Grizzly G0561 Working manual
BANDFILE.jpg 1/2" Bandfile Belt Sander Chicago Electric 92158 Working manual
BAR AND ROD BENDER.jpg Bar and Rod Bender Central Machinery 38471 To Setup manual
Tube roller.jpg Tubing Roller Pittsburgh 99736 Setup manual
Lift Table.jpg 1000lb Hydraulic Lift Table Central Machinery 1000 lbs, 34" max height Setup manual
ANVIL.jpg Anvil Trenton Made in 1900 Setup


Picture What Manufacturer Model
Skutt-kiln.jpg Electric Kiln Skutt Model-K
Brent Model CXC.jpg Pottery Wheel Brent Model CXC
Creative Industries Model JR.jpeg Pottery Wheel Creative Industries Model JR
ClayBoss Speedball.jpg Pottery Wheel Speedball Clay Boss
Slab roller.gif Slab Roller Northstar
Bailey Extruder.jpg Extruder Bailey
Ceramics diamond grinding disc.jpeg Grinding Disc DiamondCore 120 Grit


Picture What Manufacturer Model Power Status Expert
Sawstop.jpg 10" Cabinet Table Saw Saw Stop Professional PCS31230 220 Operational Mike Hutton
Freud SD508.jpg 8 In. Super Stacked Dado Set 8 x 24 Tooth 1/4" to 29/32“ Freud SD508 NA Operational Mike Hutton
Shopfox jointer.jpg 8" Carbide Helical Head Jointer Shop Fox W1741S 220 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet jwp-15hh.jpg 15" Carbide Helical Head Planer Jet JWP-15HH 220 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet jdp-17dx.jpg 17" Drill Press with laser Jet JDP-17DX 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet jbos-5.jpg Oscillating Spindle Sander Jet JBOS-5 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet jwbg-8.jpg Low Speed 8" Bench Grinder Jet JWBG-8 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Worksharp ws3000.jpg Tool Sharpener Work Sharp WS3000 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Buffer.jpg 8" Buffer for Honing Central Machinery 40668 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Granite.jpg Granite Surface Plate for Sharpening 9" x 12" x 2" A Grade Granite Surface Plate NA Operational Mike Hutton
OneidaDustGorilla.jpg Cyclone Dust Collector Oneida Air 5HP Super Dust Gorilla 220 Operational Mike Hutton
AFS-1000B.jpg 3-speed Remote Control Shop Ambient Dust Filter Jet AFS-1000B 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DwaltDW788.jpg 20" Scroll Saw Dewalt DW788 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Delta 40-560.jpg 16" Two speed Scroll Saw Delta 40-560, TY II 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DW331K.jpg T-slot Jigsaw DeWalt DW331K 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Skil 4480.jpg Jigsaw Skil 4480 110 Operational Mike Hutton
PC-557.jpg "Biscuit Cutter" Plate Jointer Porter Cable 557 110 Operational Mike Hutton
BoschRouter.png 2.25HP Router Bosch 1617EVSPK 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DWP611PK.jpg 1.25HP Fixed Base/Plunge Base Router DeWalt DWP611PK 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Bosch colt router.png 1HP Router Bosch Colt 110 Operational Mike Hutton
4212.jpg 12" Dovetail Jig / Advanced Supplemental Manual Porter Cable 4212 Manual Operational Mike Hutton
Dremel MM30.jpg Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Dremel MM30 110 Operational Mike Hutton
HitachiFinishNailer.jpg 2" 18Gauge Finish Nailer Hitachi NT50AE2 Air Operational Mike Hutton
Pc bn125a.jpg 18 Gauge 5/8-1-1/4" Brad Nailer Porter Cable BN125A Air Operational Mike Hutton
Sears AC.jpg 2HP Air Compressor Sears 20 Gallon 220V Operational Mike Hutton
Router table.jpg Router Table Rockler NA Operational Mike Hutton
PorterCable7518.jpg Router Table with JessEm Lift Porter Cable 7518 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DW715.jpg 12" Single Bevel Miter Saw Dewalt DW715 110 Operational Mike Hutton
PowerMatic30b.jpg 6x48" Belt/12" Disc sander Powermatic 30b 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Delta 31-460.jpg 4x36" Belt/5" Disc sander Delta 31-460 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DWV012.jpg 10 gallon HEPA Tool Actuated Self-cleaning Dust Extractor DeWalt DWV012 110 Operational Mike Hutton
PC 382 sander.jpg 5 inch 8-hole hook and loop Random Orbit Sander Porter Cable 382 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DWE6421K.jpg 5” 8-hole hook and loop random orbit sander DeWalt DWE6421K 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Bosch 1295dvs.jpg 5" 8-Hole variable speed random orbit sander Bosch 1295DVS 110 Operational Mike Hutton
315279870.jpg 5" 8-Hole Hook & Loop Random Orbit Sander Craftsman 315.279870 110 Operational Mike Hutton
PC330.jpg 1/4 Sheet Finish Sander Porter Cable 330 Speed Bloc 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Dremel 1731 sander.jpg 1x30 Belt/5 Disc sander Dremel 1731 110 Operational Mike Hutton
W1706.jpg 14" Bandsaw 93-1/2 inch blade Shop Fox W1706 14" Enclosed Base 110 Operational Mike Hutton
G0513x2.jpg 17" Bandsaw Extreme Series 131-1/2 inch blade Grizzly G0513X2 220 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet1221VS.jpg 12x43 Electronic Variable Speed Wood Lathe Jet 1221VS with extension 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Oneway talon.jpg 1X8TPI Wood Lathe Chuck Oneway Talon manual Operational Mike Hutton
Nova Mercury Lathe.jpg Variable Speed 8"x11" Mini Wood Lathe Teknatool Nova Mercury 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Shopbot alpha 4x8.jpg 4'x 8' 3 Axis Shopbot CNC Router ShopBot PRT 96 110 Operational Curt Gridley or James Lancaster
Parallel clamp.jpg 24" (qty 2) & 40" (qty 2) & 48" (qty 2) Clamps Jorgensen Cabinet Master Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Jet clamp.jpg 24" (qty 4) & 31" (qty 2) Clamps Jet Parallel Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Bessey tradesman clamps.jpg 30 piece assortment Clamps Bessey Tradesman Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Bessey deep.jpg Deep reach (qty 2) Clamps Bessey Tradesman Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Masterforce clamp.jpg Deep reach 12" (qty 2) & 24" (qty 7) 36" (qty 2) Clamps Masterforce Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Irwin quick clamp.jpg Quick Grip 6" (qty 8) Clamps Irwin Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Bessey strap clamp.jpg High Tension Strap Clamp Bessey VSC manual Operational Mike Hutton
Kreg-JIg-K5.jpg Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Kit Kreg K5 manual Operational Mike Hutton
DMT Stone.jpg Diamond sharpening stones DMT 6" x2" fine and extra-fine manual Operational Mike Hutton
Mini-hone.jpg Detail diamond honing kit DMT course, fine and extra-fine D2K manual missing from the shop Mike Hutton
D3246.jpg Tablesaw Tenon Jig (Multi-axis) Shop Fox D3246 manual Operational Mike Hutton
DCK280C2.jpg 20V cordless ½” drill/driver and Impactor set DeWalt DCK280C2 1.5Ah battery Operational Mike Hutton
DCK283D2.jpg 20V Brushless ½” drill/driver and Impactor set DeWalt DCK283D2 1.5Ah battery Operational Mike Hutton
Ridgid wd09450.jpg 9 Gallon Shop Vacuum Ridgid WD09450 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Eagle 1932.jpg 30 Gallon Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet]] Eagle 1932 Manual Operational Mike Hutton

Jewelry Studio

Picture What Manufacturer Model Status Resources


Picture What Manufacturer Model Power Status Expert
Pressure washer.jpg Pressure Washer Karcher K2 Compact 1600 PSI 110 Working Brad Ruder
[[File:|200px]] Sheer Paper Cutter OrangeA 17 Inch A3 Patter Cutter Manual Working Tim Collins

Common areas


  • 1x Optoma EH500 DLP Projector
    • Full HD 1080p
    • 4700 Lumens
    • HDMI, DisplayPort, 2xVGA
  • 15x Toshiba S55T-B5152 Laptops
    • Dual-boot Debian Stretch (GNU/Linux) / Windows 10
    • Intel i5
    • 4gb RAM
    • 500gb hard drive
    • Intel HD Graphics + 1920x1080 Touchscreen display
    • SD card reader
  • 3x HP Pro 3005MT Internet-connected desktop PC's
    • PC 1: Ubuntu Studio (GNU/Linux), PC2: Windows10/Ubuntu Studio (gNU/Linux), PC3: Windows 7
    • AMD Athlon II X3 435 (triple-core)
    • 2.7gb RAM
    • 300gb hard drive
    • NVIDIA GeForce 9100
  • 1x HP Photosmart C5280 Scanner - (it's actually an all-in-one, but the printer part isn't working)
    • The scanner is connected to the adjacent PC. To scan a document, open the System Menu and select Graphics > Simple Scan
  • 1x Plotter HP Designjet 1050c plus
    • Capable of up to 36 inch wide prints.
    • Due to the cost of ink, designs should use colors instead of blacks.
  • 1x HP DeskJet 3410
    • Backup 3in1 for Classroom



Shared Workspace