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This document is not a replacement for training or authorization. Do not attempt to use the Tormach without proper training.

Usage and Calendar

To use the Tormach you must meet all prerequisites and complete all the classes listed under Tormach_CNC_Mill#Authorization.


Using the Calendar is required to use the machine. You must be a member of the forum to have write access to the calendar. You should reserve a sufficient amount of time to ensure you do not have to stop work on a project early.

You should not schedule more than 3 active reservations on the calendar at a time. This helps ensure that everyone can have an opportunity to use the machine. Reservations should also be no longer than 6 hours and only once per day.



  • Metal shop safety
  • Shopbot (Recommended but not required)


By then end of this course you should not expect to be a professional machinist. The main goal is to teach how to operate the Tormach in a way that will keep both you and the machine safe.

Tormach Intro class

($10) 2 hour course, 8 Student Max (syllabus)

A two hour class to help participants understand the abilities of the Tormach as well as the additional requirements needed to use it. It will be divided into two sections, the first being a classroom setting followed by some demonstrations on the machine.

Tormach 1 on 1 class

($40) ~3 hour course (syllabus)

The one on one class which will teach them basic operation of the machine and grants restricted access to run a practice part on the Tormach. When ready they can then take a proficiency exam which will authorize them to use the machine without restriction to the practice part.

Proficiency Exam

(Free for first time) (exam)

The exam can be taken when the student feels comfortable using the Tormach and after they have had the opportunity to practice on the machine. It is open notes / book / internet. Students will be expected to show the ability to safely operate the machine to perform all operations covered in their one on one session.



Useful Gcode Commands

  • G0[axis][coordinate] Does a rapid move along the axis to the specified coordinate. You can supply multiple axes in one command. Example: G0X1.000Y0.000Z-0.0150 or G0Z-0.050
  • G1[axis][coordinate] Same as G0, but limits speed to the feedrate.

Tool Reference

Tool Name Fusion Library # Radius Flutes Materials
Tormach SuperFly Cutter


  1. Do not leave chuck empty.
  2. Do not leave a tool in a dangerous state.
  3. Return all tools to their proper place.


  1. Remove all chips from the bay after use. It can be easily vacuumed out.
  2. Move the bed to full +/- Y to expand the accordion protectors so you can easily clean out chips.
  3. Spray the bed lightly with WD-40 for rust prevention. 1-3 sprays for the entire bed. Do not get spray on the spindle.

Basic Operation

Squaring the Vise

Info plz?

Squaring a Block in Manual Mode

  1. Turn on the air compressor and drain the condensate.
  2. Plug in the Tormach lights
  3. Turn on the large red master switch on the left side of the machine
  4. Wait for the computer to boot. If it hangs, cycle the power.
  5. Turn the e-stop button on the front to pop it out and press the green button beside it
  6. Press the flashing "Reset" button on the PathPilot software.
  7. Home the Z axis by pressing 'Ref Z'. Then, home the x and y axes by pressing 'Ref X' and 'Ref Y'.
  8. Install the bit you want and check RPM and Feedrate settings.
  9. Set workpiece using vise, clamps, and parallels as necessary.
  10. Z-down and set height to barely contact the workpiece.
  11. Position x and y for the first pass. Make sure the bit will not come into contact with the workpiece
  12. Zero all axes
  13. Close the doors and do a final check to make sure no tools are in the way.
  14. Press "FWD" to start the spindle
  15. Z-down to the depth of the first pass
  16. Use the jog shuttle to cut the first pass. Repeat as necessary to finish the side.
  17. Press "Stop" to stop the spindle.
  18. Reposition the workpiece and repeat for the remaining sides.
  19. Brush down the vise and table. Oil if needed.
  20. Press "Exit"
  21. Push in the e-stop and press "OK".
  22. Turn off master switch.
  23. Unplug lights.
  24. Turn off compressor.