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This page details the current format for elections. It is subject to change based on the current board's preferred method. However, the bylaws do dictate some of the rules, so before making changes, be sure to consult the bylaws. To see the results of past votes, go to the Voting Results page.

Board Members

MakeICT has 9 board members, each of whom are nominated and elected by current members for a 1 year term. No officer may serve more than 3 consecutive terms; at the 2016 elections, we are entering our 4th term as an organization, so some previous board members reached their term limits. Within the board members, there are 4 officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and 4 at large directors, additionally the most recent ex-president is automatically on the board. Here are the responsibilities of each position.

  • President - the President shall preside over all meetings or designate an alternate, attempt to achieve consensus in all decision-making, ensure the membership is informed of all relevant issues, and serve other duties of a President as required by law or custom.
  • Vice President - the Vice President shall be primarily responsible for the information systems and communication processes of the corporation and serve all other duties of a Vice President as required by law or custom, including acting when the President is unable or unwilling to act.
  • Secretary - the Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining membership and corporate records and for serving all other duties of a Secretary as required by law or custom.
  • Treasurer - the Treasurer shall serve as custodian of corporate funds, collect dues, present a financial report at each regular and annual meeting, assist in the preparation of the budget, make financial information available to members and the public, and serve all other duties of a Treasurer as required by law or custom.
  • Director at large ( 4 ) - assist as needed. It is recommended that these positions are filled with former officers.


Any member in good standing can nominate any member in good standing (including themselves) for a Board position and Officer role. There is no limit to the number of nominations made (within reason). The same person can be nominated for 1 or all roles. If no nominations are made for a board position, the outgoing officeholder may elect to serve another term. Nominations can be made in person at a board meeting or electronically via email. The window for nominations will open 4 weeks prior to the annual meeting and will close 1 week prior to the annual meeting. After the close of the nomination window, nominees will be contacted to inform them of the nomination and given until the day prior to the annual meeting to decline.


Any member in good standing can vote at the annual meeting. The voting period will begin at a specified time during the annual meeting and will end 48 hours later. Voting will be conducted online and current members will receive an email with a unique link for their vote. All nominees will be listed on the form and write-ins will not be allowed as there will not be time for the nominee to consider and decline.


A quorum of 25% of current voting membership is needed for an election. Issues and elections are decided by a majority vote. In the event of an election tie, a coin flip determines the winner.


Other items to vote on will include the standing rules and upcoming year's budget.