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General Information

MakeICT's woodshop is an enclosed 32'x36' (1152 sq ft) air conditioned area dedicated to wood working.

Mike Hutton is the Area Lead (formerly Benevolent Dictator) over the woodshop.

The goal of the shop space is to encourage safe, continued learning of the skills needed to further your knowledge of woodworking!

Woodworking Terminology Glossary

Machine Access Policy

Because of the hazardous nature of these tools, before anyone can use the tools, they must pass a regularly scheduled shop safety course that will be posted on the calendar. We want everyone to go home safe and in one piece! SAFE OPERATION of tools is top priority.

Anyone entering the shop will be required to use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, hearing protection, and possibly dust masks (these will be available for purchase).

To protect machinery as well as to protect other members, only domestic lumber or veneer or WELL INSPECTED reclaimed lumber free of sand, gravel, nails, screws, staples or finish will be allowed in the shop, pressure treated lumber is hazardous and will not be allowed any time. Some people are allergic to certain lumber and have become sensitized to being near the materials, therefore no exotic lumber or veneer (such as the rosewood family, cocobolo, spalted, etc) will be allowed in the shop to protect all members. When in doubt, ask.

It is HIGHLY recommended that we use a buddy system, where no single person is working in the shop without a second person in the building so that if there is an injury, somebody else is there to call for help or assist you.

Approved by the Board of Directors September 18, 2015.

Specific Tools

Please use the DeWalt DWV012 HEPA tool actuated dust extractor for capturing sanding dust connected to sanders to gather the fine sanding dust at the source, it is not a shop vacuum.

General Shop Safety

  1. Do not use any machine you are not trained on and comfortable using. If at any time you are unsure of what you are doing, stop immediately and ask for help. Do not force tools.
  2. Do not use any machine that is not in good working order. Stop, unplug and leave a note on the machine and notify the Woodshop Lead.
  3. NEVER ASSUME A TOOL IS PROPERLY ADJUSTED. Always check the tool prior to use.
  4. Wear safety glasses at all times when in the shop area, including near the machine shop.
  5. Ear protection is also recommended, many of the tools operate above 90 decibels and without protection, you are losing hearing.
  6. When using power tools (including hand power tools):
    • No open-toed shoes or loose clothing (remove drawstrings)
    • Remove objects on hands and wrists (including rings, bracelets, & watches)
    • Remove dangly necklaces, hair ornaments, and earrings
    • Restrain long hair to prevent entanglement
    • Do not wear gloves when operating machinery
  7. While hand tools are safer than most power tools, they are the cause of most workshop injuries. Make sure all hand tools are sharp and in good condition. Be certain that you know how to use these tools in a way that is safe, effective, and will not damage the tool.
  8. Do not leave machines running unattended.
  9. Never talk to or disturb anyone operating power tools. If you must talk to an operator wait until the operator notices you.
  10. Be aware of the work going on around you. Do not accidentally bump into another person or their materials while they are working.
  11. Most shop accidents are caused by working tired, rushed or distracted. As you get more experience, you will learn to listen to the little voice in the back of your mind that says, you probably shouldn't do that. Stop and think, there is usually a safer way of performing that function. These machines do not have a brain, please use yours!

Woodshop Specific Safety

  1. All powered woodcutting and sanding tools must be run with dust collection or vacuum equipment connected to the appropriate ports and on at all times. Do not switch the dust collector on and off without time to cool, if you are planning on working with multiple tools, leave the collector on (repeated quickly turning on and off will overheat the motor).
  2. Smoke or sparks are bad signs in the woodshop. Stop what you are doing and correct the problem. Usually correct feed and depth of cut or getting a sharp bit / blade will help.
  3. No metal cutting allowed on woodshop equipment.
  4. No wet or damp items of any type (including drink containers, rags, or hands) may be placed or left on machine surfaces as they will corrode.
  5. Do not lean or sit on machinery, these are precision pieces of equipment and you can mis-align them.
  6. You are responsible for cleaning your machines, your work space, and putting all tools away immediately after use. Scrap wood should be placed in designated locations. Use vacuums or hand brushes to clean machinery.
  7. Users who consistently fail in their clean-up responsibilities may be denied shop access.
  8. Do not use stationary equipment work surfaces for sanding, project assembly, layout, applying finishes, etc. Or for uses other than their intended purpose.
  9. Make sure machines are in the “off” position and motion has stopped, before leaving them after use.
  10. All safety guards must be kept in place while operating equipment. If a guard or safety device is an impediment to safe operation of a machine - ask for help.
  11. Use equipment only for its intended use.
  12. If you have made an adjustment to a piece of equipment, return it to its normal position after you are done.
  13. Make sure the machine’s work surface is unobstructed and clean before use.
  14. Always be aware of the proximity of moving machine parts to body parts - fingers.
  15. Defects in the wood can be dangerous. Check the stock carefully for knots, splits, and other defects.
  16. Keep the machine clean. Remove all tools, lumber, and unnecessary materials.
  17. Objects left on the machine can vibrate into revolving cutters. They can then be thrown from the machine with great force. Never clean a machine while it is running.
  18. All guests are the responsibility of the member, guests are not allowed to use equipment. This is a working shop, so children less than 9 years old are not allowed for safety.
  19. DO NOT cut anything conductive such as mirrored acrylic, carbon based materials, or laser cutter waste on the Saw Stop tablesaw, the charred areas are carbon and because carbon is conductive, will set off the brake cartridge.
  20. Member will be responsible for replacing the blade and Sawstop brake if the brake is fired for anything other than a true safety firing. If it is a true safety firing, we will need a photo of the fresh wound and SawStop will evaluate the recorded cartridge memory. If SawStop deems it to be a safety firing, they will need the photo and a release for marketing use and they send a replacement cartridge.

This is a video on table saw kickback. Do not try this in the woodshop!

Equipment List

Picture What Manufacturer Model Power Status Expert
Sawstop.jpg 10" Cabinet Table Saw Saw Stop Professional PCS31230 220 Operational Mike Hutton
Freud SD508.jpg 8 In. Super Stacked Dado Set 8 x 24 Tooth 1/4" to 29/32“ Freud SD508 NA Operational Mike Hutton
Shopfox jointer.jpg 8" Carbide Helical Head Jointer Shop Fox W1741S 220 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet jwp-15hh.jpg 15" Carbide Helical Head Planer Jet JWP-15HH 220 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet jdp-17dx.jpg 17" Drill Press with laser Jet JDP-17DX 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet jbos-5.jpg Oscillating Spindle Sander Jet JBOS-5 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet jwbg-8.jpg Low Speed 8" Bench Grinder Jet JWBG-8 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Worksharp ws3000.jpg Tool Sharpener Work Sharp WS3000 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Buffer.jpg 8" Buffer for Honing Central Machinery 40668 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Granite.jpg Granite Surface Plate for Sharpening 9" x 12" x 2" A Grade Granite Surface Plate NA Operational Mike Hutton
OneidaDustGorilla.jpg Cyclone Dust Collector Oneida Air 5HP Super Dust Gorilla 220 Operational Mike Hutton
AFS-1000B.jpg 3-speed Remote Control Shop Ambient Dust Filter Jet AFS-1000B 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DwaltDW788.jpg 20" Scroll Saw Dewalt DW788 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Delta 40-560.jpg 16" Two speed Scroll Saw Delta 40-560, TY II 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DW331K.jpg T-slot Jigsaw DeWalt DW331K 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Skil 4480.jpg Jigsaw Skil 4480 110 Operational Mike Hutton
PC-557.jpg "Biscuit Cutter" Plate Jointer Porter Cable 557 110 Operational Mike Hutton
BoschRouter.png 2.25HP Router Bosch 1617EVSPK 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DWP611PK.jpg 1.25HP Fixed Base/Plunge Base Router DeWalt DWP611PK 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Bosch colt router.png 1HP Router Bosch Colt 110 Operational Mike Hutton
4212.jpg 12" Dovetail Jig / Advanced Supplemental Manual Porter Cable 4212 Manual Operational Mike Hutton
Dremel MM30.jpg Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Dremel MM30 110 Operational Mike Hutton
HitachiFinishNailer.jpg 2" 18Gauge Finish Nailer Hitachi NT50AE2 Air Operational Mike Hutton
Pc bn125a.jpg 18 Gauge 5/8-1-1/4" Brad Nailer Porter Cable BN125A Air Operational Mike Hutton
Sears AC.jpg 2HP Air Compressor Sears 20 Gallon 220V Operational Mike Hutton
Router table.jpg Router Table Rockler NA Operational Mike Hutton
PorterCable7518.jpg Router Table with JessEm Lift Porter Cable 7518 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DW715.jpg 12" Single Bevel Miter Saw Dewalt DW715 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DewaltDW705.jpg 12" Double Bevel Miter Saw Dewalt DW705 110 Out of Order- Bent Shaft- damaged! Mike Hutton
PowerMatic30b.jpg 6x48" Belt/12" Disc sander Powermatic 30b 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Delta 31-460.jpg 4x36" Belt/5" Disc sander Delta 31-460 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DWV012.jpg 10 gallon HEPA Tool Actuated Self-cleaning Dust Extractor DeWalt DWV012 110 Operational Mike Hutton
PC 382 sander.jpg 5 inch 8-hole hook and loop Random Orbit Sander Porter Cable 382 110 Operational Mike Hutton
DWE6421K.jpg 5” 8-hole hook and loop random orbit sander DeWalt DWE6421K 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Bosch 1295dvs.jpg 5" 8-Hole variable speed random orbit sander Bosch 1295DVS 110 Operational Mike Hutton
315279870.jpg 5" 8-Hole Hook & Loop Random Orbit Sander Craftsman 315.279870 110 Operational Mike Hutton
PC330.jpg 1/4 Sheet Finish Sander Porter Cable 330 Speed Bloc 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Dremel 1731 sander.jpg 1x30 Belt/5 Disc sander Dremel 1731 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Delta 14 bandsaw.jpg 14" Bandsaw 93-1/2 inch blade Rockwell 14" Enclosed Base 110 Down for maintenance Mike Hutton
W1706.jpg 14" Bandsaw 93-1/2 inch blade Shop Fox W1706 14" Enclosed Base 110 Operational Mike Hutton
G0513x2.jpg 17" Bandsaw Extreme Series 131-1/2 inch blade Grizzly G0513X2 220 Operational Mike Hutton
Jet1221VS.jpg 12x43 Electronic Variable Speed Wood Lathe Jet 1221VS with extension 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Oneway talon.jpg 1X8TPI Wood Lathe Chuck Oneway Talon manual Operational Mike Hutton
Nova Mercury Lathe.jpg Variable Speed 8"x11" Mini Wood Lathe Teknatool Nova Mercury 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Shopbot alpha 4x8.jpg 4'x 8' 3 Axis Shopbot CNC Router ShopBot PRT 96 110 Operational Curt Gridley or James Lancaster
Parallel clamp.jpg 24" (qty 2) & 40" (qty 2) & 48" (qty 2) Clamps Jorgensen Cabinet Master Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Jet clamp.jpg 24" (qty 2) Clamps Jet Parallel Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Bessey tradesman clamps.jpg 30 piece assortment Clamps Bessey Tradesman Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Bessey deep.jpg Deep reach (qty 2) Clamps Bessey Tradesman Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Masterforce clamp.jpg Deep reach 12" (qty 2) & 24" (qty 7) 36" (qty 2) Clamps Masterforce Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Irwin quick clamp.jpg Quick Grip 6" (qty 8) Clamps Irwin Clamps manual Operational Mike Hutton
Bessey strap clamp.jpg High Tension Strap Clamp Bessey VSC manual Operational Mike Hutton
Kreg-JIg-K5.jpg Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Kit Kreg K5 manual Operational Mike Hutton
DMT Stone.jpg Diamond sharpening stones DMT 6" x2" fine and extra-fine manual Operational Mike Hutton
Mini-hone.jpg Detail diamond honing kit DMT course, fine and extra-fine D2K manual missing from the shop Mike Hutton
D3246.jpg Tablesaw Tenon Jig (Multi-axis) Shop Fox D3246 manual Operational Mike Hutton
DCK280C2.jpg 20V cordless ½” drill/driver and Impactor set DeWalt DCK280C2 1.5Ah battery Operational Mike Hutton
DCK283D2.jpg 20V Brushless ½” drill/driver and Impactor set DeWalt DCK283D2 1.5Ah battery Operational Mike Hutton
Ridgid wd09450.jpg 9 Gallon Shop Vacuum Ridgid WD09450 110 Operational Mike Hutton
Eagle 1932.jpg 30 Gallon Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet]] Eagle 1932 Manual Operational Mike Hutton
1G.jpg 108 deg Drill Sharpener /135 deg Drill Sharpener Ferrel 1G-1 110V Being Setup Mike Hutton

Woodshop Authorized Members

Name Safety Class Date Notes
Mike Hutton 09/23/15 Woodshop Area Lead
Larry Roth 09/23/15 Woodshop instructor
Bryan Barr 09/23/15
Jess Bechtelheimer 09/28/15
Tom McGuire 09/28/15 Makerspace Director
David Springs 09/23/15
Recil Robinson 09/23/15
Barry Wright 09/23/15
Jessica Jones 09/26/15
Robert Irons 09/26/15
David Hammond 09/26/15
Clay Hammond 09/26/15
Brad Cooley 09/26/15
James Classen 09/28/15
John Alexander 09/28/15 MakeICT VP
Charles Timmons 10/14/15
Kim Lujan 09/28/15 Laser Cutter
Paul Wilson 10/14/15
Derek Alexander 10/14/15
Michael Barrett 10/14/15
Jerry Carpenter 09/23/15 Wood Shop Deputy Area Lead
Clark Schultz 09/23/15 Safety Sultan
Jens Torell 09/23/15 Former VP MakeICT
Chris Batcheller 09/23/15
Mike Doolittle 09/26/15
Dustin Richey 09/28/15 Former Treasurer
Santhosh Subramanian 09/26/15
Thomas Bloom 09/26/15
Logan Pajunen 09/26/15 MakeICT president
Chuck Surland 09/26/15
Jane Teter 09/26/15
Karen Callanan 09/26/15
Dana Danaver 09/28/15
Curt Gridley 09/28/15 CNC Area Lead
Geoffrey Kisch 09/28/15
Kathryn Vernon 09/26/15
Christian Kindel 09/23/15 Fab Lab Area Lead
Samuel McConnell 10/14/15
Andy Solter 10/14/15
Taylor Johnson 10/14/15
Mike Conkling 10/25/15
Brian Scheideman 10/25/15
Jon Treas 10/25/15
Chuck Griesel 10/25/15
Jesse Lee 10/25/15
Samuel Schurter 11/17/15 Classroom Area Lead
Jane Voelkel 11/17/15
Barb Davis 11/17/15 MakeICT Board member
Jeremiah Loder 11/17/15
Marc Lujan 11/17/15
Miles McClure 11/17/15
Teresa McClure 11/17/15
Weston Vice 11/17/15
Chris DeVries 11/17/15
Iylland Smith 11/17/15
Daniel Towle 11/17/15
Keith Rowley 12/16/15
Dominic Canare 12/16/15 Past President
Stuart Smith 12/16/15
Michael Mendoza 12/16/15
David Mendoza 12/16/15
Rick Boyd Jr. 12/16/15
John Harrison 12/16/15
J.D. Schulte 12/16/15
Mitzi Trout 12/16/15
Melissa Soutiere 12/16/15
Catherine Barba-Abay 1/5/16
Galen Cassidy 1/5/16
Susan de Wit 1/5/16 Gallery Area Lead
Alex Gretsky 1/5/16
Jim Hammer 1/5/16
Brock Milford 1/5/16
Marcus Mosley 1/5/16
James Seymour 1/5/16 Electronics Area Lead
Jeff Eck 1/5/16 Welding Dude
Terry Weatherson 1/5/16
Burt Unruh 1/5/16 Woodshop Instructor
Rick McMullen 1/5/16
Jeff Carlson 2/4/16
Shawn Achenbach 2/4/16
Aaron Rivers 2/4/16
Bonnie Thurman 2/4/16
Michael James 2/4/16
Matthew Warren 2/4/16
Jason Bailey 2/4/16
Marty Boyzuck 2/4/16
Melanie Jenney 2/4/16
Steve Saner 2/4/16
Doug Wilson 2/4/16
Jessica Wilson 2/4/16
Steven Wilson 2/4/16
Steve Thornton 2/4/16
Jon Gamache 2/4/16
Larry Frank 2/20/16
Todd Grant 2/20/16
Byrum (Nathan) Huff 2/20/16
Sam Jossie 2/20/16
Bryant Ketchersid 2/20/16
William Parsons 2/20/16
Ernest Sharp 2/20/16
Connor Turley 2/20/16
Sean Beorn 2/20/16
Mark Esau 3/31/16
John Cody 3/31/16 Ceramics Area Lead
Mike Barushok 3/31/16 Consignment Area Lead
Rose Hansen 3/31/16
Mike McKown 3/31/16
Abram Howell 3/31/16 Guest
Eric Lamp 3/31/16
Pam Cortez 3/31/16 Guest
Chris Strait 3/31/16
Bob Jackson 3/31/16
Steve Owens 3/31/16
Tobias DiGennaro 3/31/16
Audrey Barba 3/31/16
Joseph Woolridge 3/31/16
Ella Rogers-Hungria 4/27/16
Susie Cunningham 4/27/16
Richard Predmore 4/27/16 Guest
Nolan Richmeier 4/27/16
Jason Becker 4/27/16
Joe Groom 4/27/16
James Lancaster 4/27/16 ShopBot and 3D printer wiz
Matt Cannon 4/27/16 Guest
Christy Bennett 4/27/16
Paul Poirier 4/27/16
David Graver 4/27/16
John Clark 4/27/16
Austin White 4/27/16
Joseph Lobdell 4/27/16
H. Robert Shultz 4/27/16
Eric Sommer 4/27/16
Rustin Atkeisson 4/27/16
Mark Reuter 5/21/16
Paul Sheets 5/21/16
Mark Satoria 5/21/16
Travis Kvassay 5/21/16
Larame Cline 5/21/16
Kyle McCormick 5/21/16
Henry Gridley 5/21/16
Resha Parajuli 5/21/16
Nicole Visty 5/21/16
Mike Arnold 5/21/16
Matthew Pewewardy 5/21/16
Jake Ferrell 5/21/16
Kurt Hershey 5/21/16
Jon Christensson 5/21/16
Matthew Pogue 5/21/16 Security Key Master
James Dorsch 5/21/16
Dale Kester 6/17/16
Andrew Kester 6/17/16
Dean Day 6/17/16
Valerie Lillich 6/17/16
Turquoise Thomas 6/17/16
Bruce Hadley 6/17/16
Terry Hodges 6/17/16
Marc Roths 6/17/16
Michael Piccone 6/17/16
Brad Ruder 6/17/16 Print Making Area Lead
Anna Lenhart Murray 6/17/16
Jerry Shubert 6/17/16
Dale Morrow 6/17/16
Mike Brennison 6/17/16
Jared Stafford 6/17/16
Ed Hutson 6/17/16
Bob Kralicek 7/23/16
Maria Geeslin 7/23/16
David Moreno 7/23/16
Sherri Moreno 7/23/16
Andy Carter 7/23/16
Jeremiah Burian 7/23/16 Metal Shop Area Lead
Tad Williams 7/23/16
Bruce Barley 7/23/16
Monroe williams 7/23/16
Tristan Jones 7/23/16
Austin Stanley 7/23/16
Tim Collins 7/23/16
Cindy Conrad 7/23/16
Gary Keck 7/23/16
Dennis Bishop 7/23/16
William Woods 7/23/16
Douglas Woolley 7/23/16
Ryan Olsen 8/12/16
Jeremy Blackburn 8/12/16
Gemma Blackburn 8/12/16
James Tennant 8/12/16
Ryan Wolf 8/12/16
Brian Groom 8/12/16
David Christiansen 8/12/16
Drew Holler 8/12/16
Justin Lewis 8/12/16
Kez Cook 8/12/16
Andrew Nguyen 8/12/16
Alexander Tackett 8/12/16
Michael Grudowski 8/12/16
Maggie Allen 8/12/16
Paul Herrington 8/12/16
Gavin Rondeau 8/12/16
Tommy McKee 8/12/16
Blake Baysinger 8/15/16
Chris Corley 9/17/16
Scott Hall 9/17/16
Alex Kotten 9/17/16
Terrence Laurendine 9/17/16
Aaron Ottosen 9/17/16
Nikita Ottosen 9/17/16
Ellen Rife 9/17/16
Conner Wilson 9/17/16
Laura Wilson 9/17/16
Naixin Willis 9/17/16
Eddie Smith 9/17/16
Daniel Van Sickle 10/6/16
John Henry 10/6/16
Ken Steadman 10/6/16
Amber Noah 10/6/16
Scott Stoecker 10/6/16
Jerry Stewart 10/6/16
Jacqueline Fowler 10/6/16
Joseph Fowler 10/6/16
Maribeth Yarnell 10/6/16
Alan Jacobs 10/6/16
Jeremy Villalobos 11/3/16
Carl Peterson 11/3/16 NC Programer
Kyle Jones 11/3/16
Jared Mar 11/3/16
Shailaja Jale 11/3/16
JaiPal Chauhan 11/3/16
Jeff Schoenhofer 11/3/16
Brenda Hauff 11/3/16
Susan Scholl 11/3/16
Jeff Pritchett 11/3/16
Tim Smith 11/3/16
Alex Kern 11/3/16
Terry Powell 11/3/16
Brooke Hattabaugh 11/3/16
Cale Mages 11/3/16
Tim Otter 11/3/16
Fred Britain 12/1/16
Paul Buller 12/1/16
Aaron Daney 12/1/16
Christine Forester 12/1/16
Jay Maloney 12/1/16
Simon McHugh 12/1/16
Christopher Melugin 12/1/16
Jason Phung 12/1/16
Mitch Sorby 12/1/16
David Span 12/1/16
Fred Sullivan 12/1/16
Matt Young 12/1/16
Julianna Chen 12/28/16
Roy Hosie 12/28/16 Wood Carver
Jerome Johnson 12/28/16
Ken Koftan 12/28/16
Nancy Koftan 12/28/16
Larry Meeks 12/28/16
Laura Scholl 12/28/16 MakeICT Academy
Haley Siewert 12/28/16
Alex Wampler 12/28/16
Jack Wiens 12/28/16
Alec Willford 12/28/16
Melody Winger 12/28/16
Adam Price 12/28/16
Anthony Hammon 12/28/16
Caleb Williams 12/28/16
Allan Bacon 12/28/16
Andrew "Chops" Bertrand 12/28/16
Nathan Alms 1/16/17
Terrin Bradfield 1/16/17
Clint Bradfield 1/16/17
Phillip Bush 1/16/17
Charles Chappell 1/16/17
LaDeana Dockery 1/16/17
Isaac Mares 1/16/17
Tim McDonough 1/16/17
John McNew 1/16/17
Ariana Powell 1/16/17
Billy Powell 1/16/17
Ivan Rossiter 1/16/17
Daniel Schrant 1/16/17
Donald Snyder 1/16/17
Dave Spaulding 1/16/17
Dick Yarnell 1/16/17
Gene White 1/16/17
Bruce Witbart 1/16/17
Richard Abel 2/2/17
Rodney Bahr 2/2/17
Patrick Clark 2/2/17
Shannon Fisher 2/2/17
William Gardenhire 2/2/17
Chris Hilger 2/2/17
Patrick Hutchison 2/2/17
Samantha Lehr 2/2/17
Eric Means 2/2/17
Clayton Pearson 2/2/17
Alex Pemberton 2/2/17
James Pullom 2/2/17
Rusty Raymo 2/2/17
Catherine Rodriguez-Metz 2/2/17
Joni Russell 2/2/17
Mark Russell 2/2/17
Kara Wheeler 2/2/17
Joe Landry 2/9/17
Anderson Schmitt 2/21/17
Dawn Wheat 2/21/17
Don Harris 2/21/17
Erik Dorsey 2/21/17
Joanne Swanland 2/21/17
John Withers 2/21/17
Johnny Maxwell 2/21/17
Kurt Ewert 2/21/17
Lisa Mayhugh 2/21/17
Pat Miller 2/21/17
Robert Barrett 2/21/17
Sergio Moreno 2/21/17
Steve Wheeler 2/21/17
Tim Nispel 2/21/17
Liam Collins 2/21/17
Slim Gieser 2/21/17