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6 Mar 2014

Parts needed

  • We might replace the rubber hose for the brake line from the reservoir to the master brake cylinder
    • Current line is kinked but would probably work
    • Is rubber OK or will the brake fluid dissolve it? Isn't rubber what is there now?
  • We need a windshield
    • Road Rat has quoted $600 + $150 in shipping
    • Specialty Vehicles has quoted $330 + $300 shipping
      • SV needs us to order within the next couple of weeks to get in on their combined order to save on shipping from China
      • John is looking into uShip to see if we might save on the shipping a bit
      • SV is in Las Vegas, NV


  • master brake cylinder is OK. Yay!
  • batteries are ready to install
  • we have a wiring diagram for the motor controller and it may be enough to hook it up
  • motor shield needs to be reinstalled



  • Parts box currently at MakeICT
  • Laptop with broken case to leave at shop
  • Notebook with printouts of wiring for motor controller
  • Soldering iron and solder (in case we need and not in the shop?)

Things to look at tonight

  • Get replacement brake line or decide not to
  • Reinstall brake system with new slave cylinder and old master cylinder
  • Hook up the motor controller
  • Confirm ordering of the Windshield
  • Hook up laptop for the shop