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Contacting Security

Security E-mail

The E-mail is used for members to contact the security group for anything security related.

Including, but not limited to

  • Wanting a new key
  • Reporting a lost key
  • Needing to replace a lost key ($5)
  • An issue with a current key

Following items are things the security group can not help with

The Security Team Members:

- Chief Security Officer, Matthew Pogue
- Security Officer, David Springs
- Security Officer, Catherine Barba
- Security Officer, Audrey Barba
- Security Officer, Mark Satoria

Security System

   The Makerspace security system receives NFC signals, unlocking the door.

Lost Keys

  • A lost key must be reported immediately so that it can be deactivated.
- If the key is found later, it can be reactivated.
- Replacement keys are $5.00.
  • You can bring your own key if it is compatible with the security system.

Getting a Key

A key that grants 24/7 access to the MakeICT Makerspace can be obtained at the discretion of he Security Group by members who meet the following criteria:

1. Particpate in a New Member Orientation and be an active member in good standing with MakeICT and all of its programs.

2. Become part of the community by meeting people and completing a [ Member Key Application].

  • This application includes 6 signatures:
- 2 Board Members
- 2 Area Leads
- 2 Active Keyed Members
  • Each signature must be unique and signify signers are comfortable with you having a key to the space.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, you are going to make 6 friends with the signatures above.
  • These signers will be signing a sheet to give you a key to one of their homes, they will act like it.
  • Signers reserve the right to ask you to stay around longer before signing your key application.
  • Security Officers can not sign Member Key Applications.

3. Contact the Security Group and present your Member Key Application to request a key (Easiest on a Maker Monday).

  • Security Officers will ask you questions to get acquainted with you, similar to when you get your signatures.