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  • Be excellent to each other
  • Illegal activity is forbidden
  • Share the workspace, tools, supplies, and knowledge
  • Pickup after yourself by cleaning the workspace and putting away tools
  • Get training on tools before using them
  • Make safely (do not be on fire!)


To become a member, attend a public MakeICT event and ask a board member for an application or sign up online

Minors are allowed to become members, but require sponsorship by an adult. A parent or legal guardian must co-sign the minor's membership application and release of liability. Minors under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult whenever at the space. Keys are available to members over the age of 16, following the key policy.

Cost of membership is $25/month, although scholarships are available upon request.

All members will go through a 30 day probationary period before they gain voting rights. During that period, new members are encouraged to integrate themselves into the community through attending Maker Mondays, volunteering on projects at MakeICT, attending and/or assisting with workshops, and/or joining in the chatter on the forums.

Membership will lapse after 30 days of nonpayment. Membership and voting rights will be suspended after 3 months of non-payment To re-instate membership, pay dues for the upcoming month.

Member Rights

  • Members can vote at board meetings and annual meeting - see the calendar for schedule
  • Members are eligible to nominate, be nominated for, and hold board positions
  • Members may have personal storage space on request

Key Policy

Keys are handled by the Security Team who can be contacted at

A key that grants 24/7 access to the MakeICT Makerspace can be obtained at the discretion of the Security Group by members who meet the following criteria:

1. Participate in a New Member Orientation and be an active member in good standing with MakeICT and all of its programs.

2. Become part of the community by meeting people and completing a Member Key Application.

  • This application includes 6 signatures:
- 2 Board Members
- 2 Area Leads
- 2 Active Keyed Members
  • Each signature must be unique and signify signers are comfortable with you having a key to the space.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, you are going to make 6 friends with the signatures above.
  • These signers will be signing a sheet to give you a key to one of their homes, they will act like it.
  • Signers reserve the right to ask you to stay around longer before signing your key application.
  • Security Officers can not sign Member Key Applications.

3. Contact the Security Group and present your Member Key Application to request a key (Easiest on a Maker Monday).

  • Security Officers will ask you questions to get acquainted with you, similar to when you get your signatures.

Approved by the board on January 2, 2017


  • Members may bring guests into the MakeICT makerspace.
  • Members are responsible for their guests and their actions.
  • Guests cannot inhabit the MakeICT makerspace without another keyed member present.
  • Guests must be certified and have a signed waiver on file before using any equipment in the makerspace
  • Guests must sign-in and obey all standing rules.
  • Guests are strongly encouraged to become members.
  • 3 guests or fewer do not require any type of reservation. Members may host a private meeting or event at the MakeICT makerspace as long as they are not charging a fee. If any rooms or resources are to be held or if there are more than 3 non-member guests, a reservation must be submitted and approved 14 days in advanced. The host member is responsible/liable for activities of their guests, and all guests must follow official guest policies. There is no fee for this resource to our members, but a donation is suggested to offset facility costs.