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MakeICT is comprised of members and volunteers, nearly all of whom pay the same dues (currently $25 per month) to take part in the organization. That commitment not only funds our programs but level-sets everyone from the newest member to the most dedicated volunteer. MakeICT offers partial scholarships to those who cannot afford $25 a month, lowering their dues to $10 per month. The scholarship is typically approved for 3-6 months. During this time we hope that a member can find ways to pay for his or her member dues by teaching Workshops and classes or making things to sell through our showroom and local shops. Volunteer contributions can be another consideration for determining the length of the scholarship.

Requesting a scholarship

  • Join MakeICT (, and for billing select the invoice me/pay me later option
  • Contact to request your scholarship

Scholarship Committee

The goal of the scholarship committee is to review and approve membership scholarships that come to MakeICT.

The scholarship committee has no meetings scheduled. We discuss new scholarship requests via email.

Members: Kim Burton, Tracy Hoover, Dominic Canare