February Fireside Chat

Posted: March 3, 2014 5:26 pm
February was so much fun! We had a spot on Pure Data class, and a workshop on etching that turned into a basic Eagle CAD class as well. So I even put up a library for Eagle! Then the craziness at the SWE expo! Goodness, I thought Danielle and I could handle it, but I was WRONG! Still, we had a great time and even gained members! The bus project gained some important pieces of the puzzle. The ELwire sign is nearly finished (so it’s not quite so creepy going down that dark alley 🙂 ). This is awesome because it allows us to do more monthly instructables projects. The first version of our 24hr access door is nearly done!
We are lining some things up for March! I for SURE know there is a CNC workshop on the calander (15th), and don’t forget Arduino day(29th!) I have a feeling some great projects are going to finish up, and I’ll be asking you for help to test out projects for our riverfest undertaking! Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook!