How to join

Becoming a MakeICT member is an easy way to support this community effort and resource. You will help awesome people do awesome things. There are a few steps to getting in an making the most of your membership. These can be done in any order:

  1. Attend an orientation – you’ll tour the space, learn about our procedures, and start getting to know us
  2. Fill out a waiver
  3. Check the calendar – make sure you can get into applicable safety classes for the equipment you’re wanting to use
  4. Start your key application – As a collaborative makerspace, we only issue keys to people who are comfortable interacting with our community. You can print it off and start collecting signatures before officially joining
  5. Sign up for membership and pay dues

Highly recommended, but not required for members and non-members alike is to join the MakeICT forum, as that is the main place where discussion of projects, help requests, and things at the space.

Existing members can visit the membership page to manage their accounts.