Before we had a makerspace, we were a community.

MakeICT was formed in December 2012 by motivated, creative Wichitans who would meet in coffee shops at at each other’s homes to talk about their projects. With the maker movement taking hold all across the country, we knew that Wichita deserved a community makerspace, a place where people from all backgrounds, interests and experience levels could come together and learn from each other.

“It is all about the community. I can make stuff at my house, but MakeICT has real people with cool ideas. Plus a lot of tools that well I could never buy, but that is just what makes the community possible, not the reason I go.”

Why community?

We could increase access to tools by opening a tool rental business and charging by the minute to make things for everyone, but that wasn’t our goal. With a shared space, engineers see artists projects in work. Academics sit alongside industry experts. Scientists are helped along by expert craftsmen. Hobbyists meet with small business owners and discover where their passions are needed to fuel Wichita’s economy.

You’re one of us.

When you join MakeICT you’re not joining a building, but a community. Getting to know us is a actually a required step to gain access to the space. A collaborative makerspace is not for everyone. If you’re working on a project and someone knows a better, safer, or more efficient way to accomplish what you’re doing, are you okay with them approaching you? Are you comfortable asking questions and helping others out? Can you relax in an atmosphere where everyone is learning and answers aren’t always instant, but we will journey together?

How you can join

We have heard from hundreds of Wichitans who truly felt at home at MakeICT, where they had found their tribe. Come learn about us before you officially join! Some ways to feel like a member of our community:

    • Join and post in our forum where we collaborate on projects, ask questions and talk about improving MakeICT
    • Check out our Calendar. Non-members can attend almost anything. Take classes or attend an open public event like:
      • Maker Monday – 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month, this is the BEST first step to meet us and have all your questions answered!
      • Events
        • Textile Tribe – 3rd Sunday of the month
        • Ceramics night – 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month
        • Game night – 1st and 2nd Fridays, 3rd and 4th Mondays of the month
      • Classes – Most calendar events are classes that require registration. Members get a $5 to $20 discount, so you can decide if that makes membership worth it to you, but we don’t mind you signing up at the non-member rate. Some of the classes require prerequisites. Contact us if you have questions.
      • And much more!

Then when you feel ready, become a dues paying member for class discounts and access to the space.

And if you ever have questions, shoot us an email at

We’re waiting to meet you.

We’re extremely casual. Wear clothes you can get dirty. Wear closed toed shoes so you can safely explore our metal and woodshop areas. Bring your family and friends. Park in the parking lot on the north side of the building. Or ride your bike and bring it right inside. Bring a water bottle. Bring us cookies. Or don’t. It’s whatever you want, just show up to an event and get ready to make a ton of friends.

See you at the makerspace!