Bus Thursday: the lowdown

Posted: July 12, 2014 9:53 pm

This week’s Bus Thursday(tm) was a big success for our electric microbus. We decided our first priority is to get it inspected so we can register and insure it. To that end, we got the horn, turn signals, and wipers all working. All on a Thursday eve. We’re that good.

Sparkin' Jere

Sparkin’ Jere

We are not violent people, and we expect the same from our windshield wipers. To reduce their violent behavior we had to offer some tough love: we had to grind a bigger slot out of the metal frame between the dash and the windshield so the wiper mechanism wouldn’t slam into the from on each stroke.  Weird that this should be an issue. In any case, Jere pulled out the grinding wheel and made it all right.

Next on the docket is to fix up the taillight LEDs, which are already at MakeICT  and 1/2 done. After we reinstall those and reinstall the dash, we should be “good to go” for inspection. I can’t wait! 🙂

Next week too many of us have conflicts to do Bus Thursday. So maybe we’ll see you on Bus Thursday July 26 for re-assembly of dash and tail lights. Until then, maybe we can fix up the lights at MakeICT, perhaps at the open hack night this Monday?

Happy Trails,