July Update

Posted: July 5, 2015 2:55 pm


Maker Faire is coming to Wichita!

MakeICT and Exploration Place are bringing Maker Faire to Wichita! Never heard of Maker Faire? It’s the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth! This is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning. We’re looking for exhibitors and need people like YOU to show us what you make! You can learn more about Wichita’s Inaugural Maker Faire and apply to be an exhibitor at makerfairewichita.com.

What you missed


Mark another RiverFest of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities in the books! Barb and James organized several different activities, and with the help of many volunteers, had fun with kids and adults while learning about catapults, composites, circuits, laminar flow, Bernoulli’s principle, and a bunch more. What a great way to inspire young makers!

Paper Bead Basics


In our June 2nd Saturday workshop, Gina showed us how to create beads with just a little paper, a little glue, and a little creativity. Upcycling activities like this are a fun way to reduce the waste we create. Thanks, Gina!

Screen Printing

In this two-part screen printing workshop, Keegan and crew taught people how to make their own screens to keep, and gave an introduction to different screen printing methods. They will return later this summer to help build an exposure unit for the makerspace and host other screen-printing workshops.

Annual Meeting and Potluck

This year’s annual meeting and potluck was a lot of fun! We reflected on all of our growth and activities, welcomed Dustin, Kip, and Seth as new board members, discussed our past and future budget, and shared a lot of good food. Cooking (and sharing) might just be my favorite type of making!

What you shouldn’t miss

July 11 – Lockpicking

Come learn how the keys in your pocket unlock a door, cabinet, or padlock! Most of the locks we find in our day-to-day life work on a system called the pin tumbler lock. See how they work and how a locksmith would fix or, if necessary, bypass this mechanism.

This workshop is best suited to adults, but no prior knowledge is needed.

July 18 – Maker Faire

Come see the best of what Wichita-area makers are creating! Makers, artists, performers, and crafters are invited to be a part of the first ever Maker Faire in Wichita!

July 31 – ICT Game Jam

The conditions have never been better to throw a gamejam in Wichita! There have never been so many freely available tools for building video games as there are now. And our region is teeming with motivated and resourceful programmers, designers and artists. We truly have no choice but to spend a weekend creating video games!

Open Hack Nights

Don’t forget, every other Monday is Open Hack Night! We open our doors to the public and invite people to bring a project, bring a friend, or just bring themselves. There’s always something interesting going on!