2015 Halloween Challenge winners + Mythbusters!

Posted: November 20, 2015 11:43 am

Announcing the winners of this year’s Halloween Challenge who were decided at the last Maker Monday!  We had 12 submissions in 3 categories this year.  The first place in each category gets $25 in prize money and the overall judge’s choice winner gets two free tickets to Mythbusters!

Costume 1st Place – Satyr by Jonathan12188110_925661557514994_6720852193696711_oBuild log here

Decoration 1st Place – Motion Activated Skull by Tim 12196207_925667170847766_8247059668489200718_nVideo here

Prop 1st Place – Contoured Mask Spacer by Gordon

Overall Judge’s Choice – Trick or Treat Rube Goldberg Style by the Hansens 12195123_925664310848052_4533794555189568410_oVideo here

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the participants!  You can see all the submissions here.  As a bonus to all our members, Mythbusters has offered a 20% discount to all MakeICT members for the show in Wichita on Dec 1.  Use code MAKEICT  when ordering tickets online at WichitaTIX.com or  by phone at 316-303-8100.

See you again next year for another Halloween Challenge!