May Newsletter

Posted: May 8, 2018 12:00 am
Our latest featured maker is woodworker Allan Bacon who makes amazing live edge tables and mixed media pieces. Read about Allan’s story on our blog.

May News & Events

Happy springtime, Wichita Makers! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and all the great things Wichita has to offer when the weather gets warmer. We have so much going on that this newsletter has a lengthy table of contents. I know there are a lot of places to get news about our makerspace, but this is the place where I really try to condense everything for one-stop-shopping. Ready?

Volunteer with us at Riverfest June 2-9

Can you help kids make brushbots and structures? Do you want a free riverfest button? Volunteer at MakeICT’s kids corner and STEAM city tables! There is no experience or prior knowledge needed, we’ve got everything ready to go. We need volunteers every DAY between June 2-9, mostly in the evenings after 5pm. View the full schedule and sign up on our forum.

Summer Intern Boot Camp start May 28

Do you know someone visiting Wichita just for the summer? In the past we’ve had summer interns join MakeICT and spend their first month getting in and acquainted just like regular members. Then the next month, they have to go back home. This month we’re doing something different for them – scheduling a fast track week of authorization classes so they can hit the ground running and make the most of their summer. Tell them about our Summer Intern Boot Camp program at

Electric Bus Party Sunday May 4

Want to work on our famous electric bus? We’ll be meeting Sunday May 6 at 4pm to discuss the history, status, and fate of one of our original group projects. If you can’t attend but have questions or thoughts, post those in our forum thread. Otherwise we will see you Sunday.

The Plastics Shredder Project

We’re tired of hearing about plastics filling up landfills and killing wildlife, especially in our oceans, so we’ve been really happy to see MakeICT members from Five For a Change creating a plastics shredder to reclaim the plastics we keep throwing away. Their next meeting is May 6 at 4pm at the makerspace. For details visit

The Last Toastmakers May 20

MakeICT’s Toastmakers club has been meeting to help creative people communicate ideas and overcome public speaking fears. It’s been an awesome year, we learned a ton and met some great people, but we did not quite get to the required 20 members to charter our own official Toastmasters club. That’s okay! We’ll be celebrating our accomplishments with one last demo party on Sunday May 20 at 7pm. Of course, if we accidentally somehow get several more members before our deadline we’ll keep meeting. Join the toastmakers facebook group to learn more.

How to teach a class class May 24

Ever wanted to teach a class at MakeICT? Do you know a teacher looking for a summer side gig? Send them to our How To Teach A Class Class where we talk about the types of classes we’re looking for and how to jump in. Thursday May 24 at 7pm. [Facebook event]

May Gallery Show starts May 25

May’s gallery theme is about the things we make at classes, but your work doesn’t have to match a theme. If you complete a project, give it some time in our gallery. Sign up on our forum.

Surplus Tool Auction

Need a kiln, saw, 3D printer or a door? Bid on these and lots of tools at our surplus auction. Bidding ends May 8! Learn more or submit your bids on our forum.

Electrical outlet installation

We need volunteers to help install outlets. Sign up at our volunteer page or contact

NOMCON 2018 in Santa Fe June 9-10

Tune in next month as several members jump on the train to the Nation of Makers Conference! Our spots are filled but I wanted you all to know MakeICT will be represented very well at this first conference on June 9-10.

Payment Envelopes

Our treasurer David Springs is one of the hardest working volunteers at the space so please make his job easier by only depositing money in a filled out payment envelope. They are scanned in as business records so when someone doesn’t use one, he has to guess what the money is for and fill out the envelope for you. Payments might be returned to members if the envelopes aren’t properly filled out and could even delay your membership renewal.

Thinking Ahead to our Annual Meeting

June will be a busy month for us as we elect new officers. A special email will go out when we announce our annual meeting to be held the weekend of June 16-17. Officer nominations will be accepted starting around May 18. 

Parking Reminder

With the Douglas construction in front of our space complete we have a lot more clearly marked parking spaces by our space. So remember to park on the street and not our neighbor’s parking lots. Do not park in Poorman’s lot, either in front or back, or at the starter shop next door.

Makerfaire July 21-22

Makerfaire is just around the corner! Visit to try for a last minute booth spot or sign up to volunteer.