Fireside chat for April

May 8, 2014 8:16 am

Grandad used to say “been so busy I dunno if I lost a horse or gained a rope.” April has been that. I’d like to apologize for my reckless rickroll on April Fool’s day – I didn’t want the day to go unnoticed. We had an outstanding intro to programming class, that we plan to do again. And of course we have been seeing many new faces at the open hack nights.

One project finished it’s first iteration. The EL Wire sign is complete, and has been seen not only outside our door, but at some events too. The bus project programmed their way into success this month, and as the song goes, “the wheels on the bus go round and round.” The current plan is for the bus to be in the Riverfest parade! There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on as we prepare for Riverfest, and the Art and book fair on Mother’s Day. May has already proven busy. Last week we were at McLean STEM and Reading Family Night teaching kids how to make paper rockets with paper and straws! The Art and Book Fair is going on soon, as well as the Maize HS Technology show (of course we are throwing a few things into that!) and the Riverfest starts at the end of the month! I’m thinking there is a class on repairing bicycles sometime this month or early next. Keep an eye on the calender for that.

One new group that is forming that I’m excited about is the Powerwheels racing group. We are going to the KC Makerfair, and a group of us has decided to enter into the Powerwheels racing competition. If you’re interested hook up with them and see what this fun sport is all about. There is more than just the race at the KC Makerfair. We are looking for projects to take up there. I am assured we have a booth and I’m excited to take projects from our community to show off! If there isn’t a thread on our google group for the Powerwheels, projects that want to go, or anything else you want to know.. start one.

Lastly, the MakeICT Annual Meeting is coming June 21st. As it is election year, with a heavy heart we will pass the torch on to fresh ideas, and see where this ship takes us. Look for details coming soon.

Well, back to work! See you at open hack nights! Happy Hacking!

February Fireside Chat

March 3, 2014 5:26 pm
February was so much fun! We had a spot on Pure Data class, and a workshop on etching that turned into a basic Eagle CAD class as well. So I even put up a library for Eagle! Then the craziness at the SWE expo! Goodness, I thought Danielle and I could handle it, but I was WRONG! Still, we had a great time and even gained members! The bus project gained some important pieces of the puzzle. The ELwire sign is nearly finished (so it’s not quite so creepy going down that dark alley 🙂 ). This is awesome because it allows us to do more monthly instructables projects. The first version of our 24hr access door is nearly done!
We are lining some things up for March! I for SURE know there is a CNC workshop on the calander (15th), and don’t forget Arduino day(29th!) I have a feeling some great projects are going to finish up, and I’ll be asking you for help to test out projects for our riverfest undertaking! Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook!

January Fireside Chat

February 3, 2014 11:42 am

What a year 2013 was, and 2014 is looking like it’s going to be even busier!

January has come to a close. We had an ABC’s of Electronics class that apparently left people wanting more; we won’t leave you hanging. A series of electronics classes are in the works. We began the process of providing 24 hour access to the space!

We’ve also been working with the Riverfest planning committee to provide some STEM-related activities, but there is one or two other perks as well. Be sure to look for the bus in the parade!

This month, John Harrison announced that he will be running a joint project with Maize schools, Chamber Music at the Barn, and his Service Learning course at Wichita State. The project, called MakeAXE, will teach Maize students to make their own electronic instruments using Pure Data, culminating in a Spring concert with their DIY instruments!

We wrapped up the month with the 2014 Kickoff Mixer. We teamed up with UpFront Wichita, Code & Coffee, and Startup Wichita to help bring makers and creatives in the Wichita area under one roof to celebrate the possibilities 2014 has.

Don’t think after January we are going to slow down. We have already had a Pure Data primer on February 1st. Coming up we have a toner transfer workshop on the 15th. We’ll also have a presence at the Society of Women Engineer’s Expo on the 22nd, and I am pretty sure there is a foam cutting workshop in there somewhere. Along with bus Thursdays, “Watt’s This?” Wednesdays, and our biweekly open hack nights, February is sure to be busy!