Important Electric Microbus Meeting, tonight at MakeICT 6:30pm

Posted: December 19, 2013 10:03 am

What, who what?

  • Bus Meeting
  • Thursday Dec 19, 6:30PM
  • MakeICT (924 W. Douglas)


We have some great ideas for our electric microbus. And, through the cosmic randomness of our mystical, magical universe, some great opportunities for it have come up right now. Let’s get rolling, people! đŸ™‚

In tonight’s meeting, we’ll review  ideas for the bus then discuss the current opportunities. Our intention is to leave with a concrete plan for its future. A good plan might include clear dates and goals, including at least one high-profile kickoff event. This will be a pivotal meeting for the bus.


  1. review history and current status of bus
  2. review past ideas about what the bus could be:
    1. new media art space (John explains?)
    2. learning lab (somebody explains?)
    3. other (open?)
  3. review current donations:
    1. Jeremiah (space and money from scrap metal)
    2. Anonymous (controller)
  4. current opportunity:
    1. anonymous donor interested in helping
    2. project lacks focus, specific plan, clear goal with dates, event
  5. logistics
    1. bus ownership
    2. cost considerations
  6. brainstorm and commit to a plan
    1. choose a specific idea as a first step
    2. what event(s) could we tie into?
    3. what has to happen and by when?
  7. framework for moving forward:
    1. who can commit to accomplishing what by when?
    2. roles? project manager? should people be checking in with each other?
  8. As May Arise