Free Workshop: Pure Data Visual Programming 2014-02-01

Posted: January 31, 2014 3:50 pm

Local maker, musician, artist, and educator John Harrison will be teaching a course on visual programming for realtime audio/video manipulation with Pure Data on February 1st from 1 to 4pm at MakeICT.

Pure Data is unlike any computer language you already know. Instead of writing lines of code, you will describe relationships between objects with diagrams that you draw. If you have found computer programming too foreign or abstract a concept in the past, Pure Data may offer you a more visual way to “think code.” More importantly, Pure Data is fun!

All are welcome and no previous programming experience is necessary. Bring a laptop if you can, preferably with Pure Data Extended already installed and tested, as outlined in the event link above.

If you want to experience first-hand something created in Pure Data, come see John’s Second Touch wall, installed right now at Shift Space through February 8th.


To support Pure Data and similar languages locally, MakeICT is starting the Wichita Patcher’s Circle. If you use Pure Data, Max/MSP, VVVV or any other dataflow language, or you want to, join our email list! We’ll support each other! 🙂

Happy patching (that’s jargon for coding in Pure Data. See? You already learned something)!