The Bus, the Bus -2/14/14

Posted: February 14, 2014 2:23 pm

The bus motor controller has arrived!!! Dom posted a picture last night on Facebook. Check it out. Oh, the brake cylinder came too.

Jeremiah, Dom and Barb went out last night to see it all and be amazed. We were beginning to think that the controller was a fictional creature. It was that hard to get.

We decided that we are not ready to install it so the evening was spent cleaning the battery boxes. Dom & Barbara wirebrushed their little hearts out. Jeremiah kept handing us lights and tools when he wasn’t cleaning the attachment bolts. He will try to get the boxes spray painted this weekend. Installing the batteries will be next.

We are going to weekly Bus Thursdays starting February 20th.


Our short term goal is to get the brakes working and then get the motor running.

If you are ready to do heavy lifting (batteries) or want to help Barb with interior removal, come next Thursday, 2-20-2014.

We are moving now!!!