Bus Update Feb 20

Posted: February 21, 2014 11:03 pm

Good times on the 20th with the bus:

  • confirmed master brake cylinder is good
  • confirmed inside panels are rotted and need to be removed. Screws holding the panels are rusted and hard to remove. We soaked them with Pb blaster and will try again next week.
  • removed more seats to get at inside panels
  • painted battery wells with rust stopping primer-type spray paint.
  • parts run:
    • primer paint
    • drop cloths
    • brake cleaner
    • waterless hand cleaner
    • Pb Blaster
  • list of stuff to bring for next week:
    • screw extractor – John
    • brake hose
    • gloves – Barb
    • creeper – Barb
    • VOM – John
    • Sunny personality – Dom
  • unresolved/to-do:
    • brake system can now be reassembled.
    • motor controller has 5 connections but we see only 4 wires
    • motor controller multi-pin plug has a wire that has ripped out of the plug. Where does it go?
    • motor controller has 4 pin jack. We don’t see a plug for it.

John will be out of town next Thursday so will leave his list of parts at MakeICT in Delano on Sat. Somebody (Dom?) will pick them up and bring them on Thursday.