Bus Update March 6

Posted: March 12, 2014 4:22 pm

We had a party at Jerry’s this week. Jerry, Dom, John, Jim Rice and Barb showed up. Ray & Conner, friends of Jerry’s, were there too. Ray has volunteered to lead the paint and body work on the bus. Hooray. He brought a sandblaster to investigate the large linear cracks. Good news, they appear to be just bondo; bad news, since the bus shell is so flexible, the cracks may reappear. The driver’s door is off & went home with Ray.
All the batteries went in and are connected up to each other, but not to the front. That will happen after we get the controller installed.

The master brake cylinder and the right rear slave cylinder are installed and holding vacuum. The new slave cylinder didn’t fit, so Jerry & Ray took the old and new apart and fixed the old one.

There is now a tub in the garage for MakeICT stuff. John brought a spare laptop and we have nitrile gloves and a few face masks.

We discussed having a body work day some time other than Thursday night when we can put in more time in the daylight. We’ll have to see how things go.