Our 501c3 Status is official, and we have received our first grant!

Posted: July 17, 2014 8:25 am

We have big news to share today! Here’s the press release we sent out!


MakeICT receives 501c3 status and first grant

WICHITA, KAN. – The MakeICT Board of Directors is excited to announce that they have been formally granted 501c3 nonprofit status. In addition, MakeICT has been granted funds from the Knight Foundation Fund of the Wichita Community Foundation to help with the costs of six months’ rent/utilities, new equipment, new membership, and future planning/development.

Prior to receiving the grant, MakeICT was subleasing its space from Bluebird Arthouse and Studios in the Delano district. When Bluebird Arthouse closed recently, MakeICT had little time to find new accommodations within the organization’s small budget. In June, a new lease was signed with the property owner, and with the help of the Wichita Community Foundation and the Knight Foundation Fund, MakeICT will continue its operation at 914 W Douglas, while also growing its membership base.

“I think it’s fair to say that we’re all excited for the possibilities,” says Dominic Canare, president of the MakeICT Board of Directors. “The grant is tremendously helpful, and while it seems like we should all be able to relax a little now, the financial assistance and our new 501c3 status creates so many opportunities. We’re here to serve the community, and every bit of support is certainly appreciated!”

About MakeICT
MakeICT is Wichita’s Makerspace, part of an international movement where makers, creators, crafters, DIYers, and hobbyists assemble in a collaborative workspace to share tools, equipment, and knowledge, while socializing and connecting with others.

MakeICT members have access to a 3D printer, foam cutting machine, CNC machines, PC’s, and various other tools and equipment. The organization offers regular workshops and classes, free to the public, covering a variety of topics such as electronics, sewing, 3D printing/modelling, computer programming, and anything else Wichitans are interested in learning & sharing.  Visit their webiste at makeict.org to learn more.

About the Wichita Community Foundation
Founded in 1986, the Wichita Community Foundation’s mission is to be the catalyst that creates lasting legacies by partnering with people, families, and organizations to devote resources to causes that matter. The Foundation is a public nonprofit organization with 300 charitable funds and agency endowments, representing $68 million. For more information about WCF, visit wichitacf.org or call 316-264-4880.

MakeICT: Dominic Canare, President, MakeICT, 316.712.4391
Wichita Community Foundation: Courtney Looney, Communications Manager, 316.264.4880, clooney@wichitacf.org