We have the technology. We can make [us] better… stronger…

Posted: September 12, 2014 11:40 am

A handful of changes have just been approved at MakeICT to help us expand our impact. Here’s a summary!


  • devICT is now a part of MakeICT (with Seth Etter as Program Director)
  • Tom McGuire is appointed as Program Director of the MakeICT Makerspace
  • Changes to standing rules:
    • Doing work-work at MakeICT is a-ok
    • Minors are allowed at the Makerspace (<16 need an adult)
  • Gina Keezer is our new volunteer Social Media Wizard
  • Adam Hall is our new volunteer Safety Sultan

ntl;gaar (not that long, go ahead and read):

Polling is closed, votes are counted, and the results are official. The big news: devICT is now a part of MakeICT!

We’re all pretty excited about what this team-effort can lead to. devICT has already been impactful in the Wichita community, and our combined efforts can only lead to greater things. Seth Etter, who started devICT and has been leading them to date, will continue his work as the devICT Program Director.

Adding devICT has allowed us to adopt a new, modular, organizational structure, which will make it easier for us to create and define other programs within MakeICT. With that, Tom McGuire has been appointed as the MakeICT Makerspace Program Director.

We also voted on and approved the removal of a clause in our standing rules which technically prevented members from working on for-profit projects. This rule was put in place to prevent people from hogging equipment and turning the Makerspace into their personal factory, but the language made it far too reaching, so it’s been removed. We’ll address the machine hogging problem if it actually ever arises.

The last change to the standing rules was the addition of language to be more specific regarding minors. Long story short, they can totally be members, but we will require a parent/guardian to cosign their membership form, and members under 16 years old must be accompanied.

Lastly, I want give a shout out to Gina Keezer and Adam Hall, who have generously agreed to volunteer for MakeICT. Gina has been handed the reigns to our social media accounts, and Adam is responsible for creating and ensuring compliance with safety protocols. We’re very happy to have them on board!