November update

Posted: December 7, 2014 3:55 pm


Huge support from Wichita Community Foundation and the Knight Foundation

In case you missed it, MakeICT received a $100,000 grant from the Wichita Community Foundation and the Knight Foundation.

You can read more about it in this previous blog post, as well as in the Wichita Eagle and the Wichita Business Journal.


Annual Halloween Challenge

Some of the effort which went into this year’s Halloween challenge took us by surprise. Our #1 favorite was Cameron’s Iron Man build. We were so impressed, we created a category just for him!

Here are the other winners:

  • Food: Erin Melroy’s Sugar Cookies
  • Jack-o-lanterns: Sean Whalen’s pumpkin train
    • Runner up: Ashlee Weeks’s Captain America
  • Costumes: Lacy Hansen’s Rocketboy
    • Runner up: Audrey Barba’s Labyrinth Costumes
  • Props: Paul Rattana’s Gun Blades
    • Runner up: Lacey Holtz’s Dioramas (this one actually came down to a coin toss!)

Cameron has been awarded 6 months of free membership to MakeICT, and the other’s win a $25 gift certificate. You can view all of the 2014 Halloween Challenge submissions on the Facebook event page.

Instructables Build night

Our Instructables build night for November brought Spark Cores to MakeICT. Mike Doolittle organized our makers and they’re now busy working on their Internet of Things projects. Stay tuned for some awesome how-to’s from some of our awesome members!

Book binding workshop

Krystal Groshans (a long time friend of mine!) graciously brought some of her crafting skills down to the makerspace with a DIY book binding workshop.



December events

What we’re working on

Our directors and volunteers are always busy. Here’s what we’re spending our time on lately:

  • A sustainability plan
  • Location shopping
  • Redesigning
  • A monthly newsletter