August Update

Posted: August 7, 2015 2:00 pm


Thanks for a great Maker Faire!

Thanks to the fine folks at Exploration Place, our exhibitors, our volunteers, and everyone who came to Wichita’s first Maker Faire for making it a HUGE success! We’ve been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, and we’re already working with Exploration Place to plan next year’s Maker Faire! Some of our members are collaborating on a project to commemorate this event – if you’d like to be involved, join the conversation on our forum!

Thank You!

What you missed

Lockpicking Workshop

Our workshops give everybody an opportunity to share their knowledge with others. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in your field, you have knowledge that others don’t have but want.

Gordon Murray saw this opportunity, and while he may consider himself a relative beginner in his lockpicking hobby, he offered to do this workshop and people quickly signed up. Participants in this workshop learned about different types of locks and the inner mechanics of popular tumbler locks. During the workshop, Scott Elpers from the Derby Informer stopped by to take this great pic of Gordon for an article about MakeICT he was working on.


The workshop was also visited by John Cody, who happened to be at the makerspace to volunteer with painting the ceramics studio. He joined the workshop to offer some of his 20-years of locksmith experience for some of the more advanced questions that arose. You really never know who you’re going to run into at the MakeICT makerspace, or what knowledge they have to share!

It’s always great to see people happy to share their knowledge like Gordon and John. If you’re interested in running a workshop at MakeICT, please let us know!

Maker Faire

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… so here’s a video that Aaron Wirtz/Curvebreak put together from the Maker Faire. It’s 2 minutes and 36 seconds at 24fps, so that’s worth at least 3,744,000 words (assuming no duplicate frames). Anyway, just trust the math and watch the video!

devICT Talks

This was a busy month for devICT: we had two separate talks this month. First, Jacob Walker hosted an introductory talk on the Go programming language and his experience adopting it (video). Then we had a visiting speaker, Jesse Harlin (from OKC.js, ThunderPlains, and the Techlahoma Foundation), share some insight and knowledge on Phaser, an open source game framework (video). Just in time for GameJam!

What you shouldn’t miss

August 8 – Wearable Electronics

Join us for the August second Saturday workshop as we explore wearable electronics! Supplies and instruction will be provided to create a bracelet or other small item using felt, conductive thread, and LED’s. This workshop will be led by MakeICT’s own Barb and Tom. Open to all ages, but you must register!

August 27 – devICT talk: Fanning the Embers of your Web App

EmberJS is an opinionated MVC / MVVM front-end Javascript framework for building ambitious web applications. In this presentation, Gregg will introduce the main concepts of EmberJS using a simple demo application he developed.

Your presenter is Gregg Bolinger (@gdbolinger).

August 29-30 – Instructables build weekend: Cheng Shapecrete

It’s concrete that you can shape like clay! Event details are pending – for now, join the discussion on the MakeICT forum!

Open Hack Nights

Don’t forget, every other Monday is Open Hack Night! We open our doors to the public and invite people to bring a project, bring a friend, or just bring themselves. There’s always something interesting going on!