July Update: Mostly MakerFaire, also everything else

Posted: July 7, 2017 1:23 am

Greetings members! It is time to be paying lots of attention to MakerFaire.

MakerFaire Call For Makers
Friday July 7 is the deadline for groups or individuals interested in presenting their project, activity, or performance in this event. Fill out this application:


MakerFaire Call For Volunteers
Volunteers are needed for Wichita’s annual Maker Faire on July 22nd & 23rd at Exploration Place – 300 N McLean Blvd. This two day family-friendly event is a gathering of people who enjoy learning and sharing what they do. From engineers to artists to scientists to crafters, Maker Faire is a venue for these “makers” to show hobbies, experiments, projects.

Tickets to MakerFaire are $9.50, free for members of MakeICT or Exploration Place, and of course free for volunteers! If you or someone you know has never seen Exploration Place this is a great opportunity – they don’t have to buy a ticket on the day they volunteer. Spend a couple hours giving back as part of the team and in return get to experience MakerFaire and Exploration Place for free the rest of the day.


Polls and Surveys
The new board wants your opinion on everything these days! If you haven’t filled out the surveys we’ve been sending out lately, take some time to tell us about yourself. Polls we are running right now include:

Summer Member Feedback – a very open-ended suggestion box
Where do you live? – when we consider marketing efforts or future spaces we’d love to understand where our members are coming from! You can put in just your zip code, no address required
Storage Policy Straw Poll – should we let members leave projects in the space? Weigh in on a possible policy change.

Upcoming Events
It’s hard to pick a few interesting events in these newsletters because there are a LOT of upcoming events. Be sure to visit our calendar to stay up to date. It’s only the first week of July and already we’ve filled the calendar up enough that there are five total days that do NOT have something going on. Come join in!

We even have a new form: the Request A Class form. Was the class you wanted full? Did you miss it? Do you have a suggestion for a new class? There is now a form for you. We’ll forward your request to the most likely instructor so they can understand demand and plan accordingly.

Summer Eclipse Road Trip Should we go to Kansas City or Nebraska? Who wants to go? Join with us to find the best view on August 21.

Textile Tribe This Saturday July 8! Are you a textile aficionado? Do you dabble in the textile arts? Are you looking for a tribe to encourage and inspire your fiber artistic creativity? Or do you have questions about textiles you need answered? Once a month we will get together to encourage each other to explore fiber in it’s many forms and work through our UFOs(unfinished fiber objects). So come play with your yarns, thread, cloths, felts, or fibers in whichever state they exist. Hand, machine, and print work encouraged.

Toastmakers – Every Sunday at 7pm. Toastmakers is a weekly meeting where creative and technical people work on their presentation and communication skills. We are in our early days of starting up and would love some more guests. Every week we feature new speakers with fresh and brilliant new topics, so join us. You do not have to be a member of Toastmasters or MakeICT but this is a great way to check out both. No preparation required, just meet us at 7 and join in!

Fusion 360:Sketching for Makers Thursday July 20th, 6:30 PM. This is class on sketching with Fusion 360 by a professional instructor with 27 years experience in CAD training. By the end of the class you’ll have a final project that is a 2D shape that you would like to make. Learn the basic interface, shapes, constraints and simple extrusions.