Team projects

To be involved in any of these teams, introduce yourself on the forum and express your interest!

Electric Art and Tech Bus

  • The Art and Tech Bus is an all electric passenger vehicle which we have restored to running order
  • The bus will become a mobile art piece and vehicle for bringing the maker culture beyond the makerspace
  • The interior of the bus needs to be re-done, and the passenger door needs to be properly attached with an opening mechanism
  • The exterior of the bus needs a mounting system for displaying art and other works

Power Racing Series

  • The Power Racing Series tasks teams with creating race cars from Power Wheels
  • We finished in 4th place (of 13 teams) in the 2014 event held at the Kansas City Maker Faire
  • Joining this team doesn’t require any background knowledge, experience, or creativity, but all of that certainly helps

NFC entry system

  • Electronic NFC keys are used by members to access the makerspace
  • We’re developing a new system from the ground up to operate both entryways
  • Our platform includes Arduinos, a Raspberry Pi, Node.js, PostgreSQL
  • We meet weekly on Tuesdays at 530pm at the makerspace.

Embedded Thursdays

  • A hands-on series of workshops with a goal to build a self balancing robot
  • STM-32 Discovery (ARM) development board
  • Software/firmware written in C

Network and security team

  • The network and security team is upgrading the network infrastructure at the makerspace and adding cameras to provide security and resource availability
  • The core network hardware has been upgraded and several thousand feet of cat5e have already been ran, but we need to run conduit and install drops in some locations
  • We are also building a network file system and authentication server

Green team

  • The green team helps to ensure that MakeICT is doing its part to help ensure the health of our planet
  • This team is forming soon – stay tuned to the forum for more information!