MakeICT January News: Kansas Day, David Springs, LED Trees, Budget Overview

Posted: January 25, 2018 2:08 am
Are you a fan of our metalshop? Thank Paul and Jeremiah for the ventilation improvements! Next safety class is January 31.

MakeICT January News

Dear members: This month your leadership was very focused on approving the 2018 budget. As a new president this was an eye-opening experience and I wanted to pass on some of the things I learned.Our budget this year is based on having 300 members, because we are confident we will stay above that number all year. Each of you pays $25 a month just like me so it might help to break down what your dues are for. Nearly $20 of your dues are for the basics – rent, utilities, insurance, and of course $1 for paypal fees if you’re on the automatic month-to-month payments. The rest is split up among the various makerspace areas, first for “core expenses”, aka what it takes to keep running. Screenprinting screens, saw blades, repairs, small tools, and new tools. When it comes to funding new equipment we were very conservative, knowing that we have not only limited funds but space. There will be fundraising efforts throughout the year for equipment, you might have already seen talk of a second laser cutter in the the forum. In key areas we allocated budget to match these efforts. Fundraising has many benefits – it gives the community a chance to take part in MakeICT’s mission, ensures that our dues stay very low, and it tells us what we’re really willing to gather together and work for. If new equipment is important to you, talk to your area lead about what it will take.I said we budgeted for 300 members – we currently have more than that. Most of our costs are fixed, so additional members provide a safety margin in case our membership decreases. We also have an important task ahead of us of evaluating possible new locations for future years. Our makerspace is amazing and I will keep working to make it better, and we’ve appointed founder Jens Torell as chair of our new building committee. This way if a fantastic space opens up, we know our requirements and we’re ready to move on it.It’s very important to me for us to have a budget that we stick to and take seriously. By doing this we convey a message to our community and potential grantors that we are serious about using our funds wisely. If you have questions about the budget or our plans for this year please reach out to me or our treasurer, David Springs. Board meetings are always open to everyone and we take suggestions for our agenda with the google group.I’m very proud to be the president of an organization that’s maintaining financial stability while achieving so much success. We couldn’t do it without each and every one of you: members, area leads, and donors who contribute so generously of their time, expertise, and money. Thank you for all that you have done to so we can keep planning our bright future.- Kim

Join us for Kansas Day

January has a 5th Monday and this year it coincides perfectly with Kansas Day! Join us at 7pm on January 29 to make Kansas art, color laser cutter ornaments, and show off our makerspace for this public event. Invite all of your friends to our facebook event and we’ll see you at the makerspace.

All About David Springs

Meet our featured maker for January: David Springs. He’s an incredibly helpful, artistic, creative individual who has shown us all kinds of ways to go big, leverage arduinos, use anything for a clock. Read more on our blog…

Make LED Trees

In December our most popular class was taught by James Lancaster: LED trees. If you’ve got some time to sit and solder you can make one of these at home. Read the instructions on our blog…

Newsletter Suggestions

Do you have a suggestion for next month’s featured maker or project? Shoot me an email ( – especially if you’ve got photography skills or could help with a write up. Our blog is a great place to give new visitors an idea of what goes on at our makerspace!