February 2018 Newsletter

Posted: February 24, 2018 2:07 am
Our laser cutter has made some pretty fly designs

Laser Cutter Fundraising

Members, We are preparing to purchase a second laser cutter. We are specing a more powerful 90-100W laser with a larger bed size 51” x 35” (1300mmx900mm). This will allow us to cut 48” sheets of material easier.

The projected cost estimate will be $6000 for the laser, shipping, upgrades, installation, and taxes. Our MakeICT budget for the laser purchase is $3800 plus members have pledged $800 to the laser cutter so far, so we are 40% of the way. That leaves us with $1400 dollars to go.

We are working out the details with the manufacturer and would like to purchase the laser cutter in early March. To make that happen we need your help to raise the remaining amount.

If you have ever had to wait for the laser now is your chance to pitch in and make it happen. It only takes 24@50, 12@$100, 5@250. Everyone can help us towards our goal.

If you have projects or a business that depends on the laser here is a way to protect yourself from being without it for an extended repair. If you would like to help us get to our goal of a second laser please send me an email to fablab@makeict.org.

Thomas Bloom
Fab Lab Area Lead

Featured Maker: Malissa Long, Textiles

Featured Maker: Malissa Long

Our February featured maker is Malissa Long: Fiber artist, fashion designer, sewn product developer, pattern maker, technical designer, and finally MakeICT board member and textiles area lead. She has taught classes in sewing, dying, printing and lots of other forms of art. Malissa moved to Wichita from Austin in July 2015. Read more on our blog…

March 10 SWE Expo

Want to spend a few hours helping kids test their paper airplanes in the MakeICT Wind Tunnel? Join us at this year’s Society of Women Engineers Expo booth. This event is held every year at Century II and has turned into a Wichita-wide festival of engineering. Boys and girls age K-8 are invited to try out hands-on engineering projects for free, and we’re proud to be a part of it. Sign up at makeict.org/volunteer or read more about Expo at wichitaswe.org/expo

Switching our Forum

We’ve talked for a while about leaving our google group for something better and now it’s time. Check your email for an invite to talk.makeict.org. This new forum uses Discourse – open source forum software that lets us have categories, embedded images, website previews, ranked topics and many more important features. If you don’t like visiting a webpage, don’t worry you can still interface through email. If you have any questions contact it@makeict.org or fill out an invite request through makeict.org/forum.

March Member Meeting

Save the date for our next quarterly member meeting on Saturday March 24, 5pm – 7pm. Agenda is being worked on and we’re happy to hear your suggestions.

Member Survey

Our ongoing member survey has been updated with questions for this year: what do you want your leadership focused on? Is there any place you wanted to help out, but weren’t sure how? Help us understand what you need by filling out our survey at bit.ly/makeict55.

Making MakeICT Final Friday Gallery Show